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Bra Fitting Guide

At The Lingerie Outlet Store, we believe that wearing the correct size bra is of utmost importance.

The shape and size of a woman’s breasts change a number of times during her lifetime.

This is mainly due to fluctuations in weight, the amount of sport we take part in,diet, pregnancy, contraception, and medication.

Fortunately we stock a vast range of bras.

This means that we will have a bra to suit any breast shape or occasion, giving you the perfect silhouette under any outfit. 

About 80% of women wear the wrong size bra.

The biggest mistake women make is to wear a bra too small in the cup and too big in the back.

You should feel comfortable in your bra all day everyday.

This will increase your confidence because you will know that you are wearing a bra, which not only fits perfectly, but also beautifully enhances your shape and figure.

 A Bad Fitting Bra? The Signs Are:

  • Shoulder strap digging in.
  • Straps too tight.
  • Breasts are squeezed out of the cup creating a double bust effect.
  • Unsupported breast drooping forward.
  • Cup size too small or band size too big.
  • Under band not sitting level at the front or back.
  • Under wires standing away from the body or digging into the breast tissue.


A Good Fitting Bra Should Have:

  • Under band firmly anchored around the body and level at the front and back.
  • No puckering or over-spill in the cup.
  • Comfortable and supportive straps.
  • Under wires sitting flat against chest wall.
  • Breasts fully contained within the underwire.
  • Well-supported, giving the best shape.





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