For years Anita have focused on finding the optimal fit, and that’s not about to change. This doesn’t mean a complete disregard of style and aesthetic, just that first and foremost, a bra should fit impeccably. Anita also dislike the idea of ‘current trends’ as this means what’s in one season is out the next. Instead, they design all their bras with a classic chic aesthetic, meaning you can expect timeless designs that stay stylish regardless of what’s coming down the catwalks.

Anita Sports Bras

A big part of Anita’s focus is their approach to sports bras. Hi-tech, Anita sports bras are great for women of all shapes and sizes. It’s worth looking at the individual options and making your choice based on their features. Doing this means you can cater your choice to your specific requirements. Here are some of the features you should keep in mind:

  • Air Control– Anita bras with air control feature a patented ‘DeltaPad’ design which maximises air flow to the breasts ensuring you stay cool and minimises any moisture or sweat build-up.

  • Front Close – Make getting ready for the gym and finishing up as stress-free as possible with a front-closing sports bra.

  • Maximum Support – For those who are going to partake in intense exercise or have larger breasts which need extra support, a Maximum Support Anita Sports Bra is a fabulous choice. Running up to cup sizes G, they’re often seamless and wire-free. Don’t think this means poor support though, the racer back design and innovative strap system ensure you get optimum support without the irritation of traditional supporting bra technology.

Anita Nursing Bras

Anita are one of the most successful and famous lingerie companies providing nursing bras. Between the 1960’s and 90’s the company was led by Dr Christine Weber-Unger and her husband. Dr Unger was incredible at predicting the success of niche markets and realised that special underwear – specifically nursing, maternity, and post-surgery – would become important players in the lingerie industry.

Anita Support Bras

Most often featuring a three section design, Anita support bras are the go-to for many women, especially those with larger busts. They’re usually available right up to cup sizes J and have softly padded wires to prevent any digging in. Frequently made from cotton, they’re great at limiting any moisture build up and keeping you cool all day long. With 3 row and 2 hook closure systems, fully adjustable straps and no pads, they make for a great everyday essential.

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