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First appearing in Australia, by innovative entrepreneur Fred Burley, the Berlei range has since taken over the globe. With UK offices opening in London in 1929 and products sent to the European mainland too, the Berlei lingerie and underwear brand has a long history of success.

What separates the Berlei brand from others is their dedication to providing the ultimate fit for women at all stages of life. In the 1980’s they designed the first minimiser bra, now incredibly popular, and in the 1990’s they were endorsed by athlete Sally Gunnell for their Shock Absorber sports range.

With Berlei bras, underwear and lingerie, you can expect a dedication to the perfect fit and the highest quality. Almost upon the brand's early-20th-century inception, owner Fred Burley began a research project into the different body types of Australian women. This was to ensure the design process was as accurate as possible for the female form.

This dedication continues today, making Berlei one of the best for high-quality, well-fitting women’s lingerie. From comfortable full cup bras to shock-absorbing sports bras, and flattering lingerie briefs to workout fitness shorts, Berlei provide the modern woman with everything she needs.

What’s more, Berlei bras and lingerie are so famous, there’s even a whole film dedicated to their history. 'Undercover' explores the life of Fred Burley and how the company came to be one of the biggest players in the lingerie scene. This all goes to show that you can’t go wrong when choosing Berlei bra’s online.

Berlei Lingerie

Berlei lingerie blends the ultimate comfort into luxurious, sensual designs. The brand understands that supporting the woman’s body is important for making her feel confident and beautiful. That’s why Berlei bras and briefs often come with features designed to support and enhance all body shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Berlei Balconette Bra:

    Balconette bras get their support from beneath the cups. With Berlei balconettes, the support doesn’t end here. Expect extra features such as moulded cups and multi-position straps, even seam-free designs to ensure no VPL.

    All in all, a Berlei balconette provides a sultry yet supportive aesthetic for even those with the largest cup and chest sizes. These bras give women of all shapes the option for luxury without losing out on any of the necessities.

  • Berlei Full Cup Bra:

    Full cup bras are great for those with larger cup sizes as they provide the best levels of support for the whole day. They often feature side slings to ensure the best forward projection yet natural shape for the bust line. With a Berlei full cup bra, you can also get reinforced straps with 3D foam which means support and comfort at the same time.

  • Berlei Minimiser Bra:

    Berlei are the original designers and manufacturers of the minimiser bra, so you know you’ll only be getting the best. Minimiser bras decrease the appearance of the bust by around one cup size without ever constricting the breasts or causing discomfort. Expect beautiful materials, a stylish design, and extra comfort for the whole day.

  • Berlei Minimiser Briefs:

    As well as the minimiser bra, Berlei lingerie includes minimiser briefs. These are similar to the Berlei bra in the sense they are designed for reduction purposes. Usually featuring a high-rise, Berlei minimiser briefs will smoothen out any lumps and bumps around the tummy and waist. This can help provide a streamlined silhouette underneath your outfit.

Berlei Sports Bra

Berlei aren’t just famous for their innovations in minimiser bras and briefs, but for their sports bras too. In the 1990s, Olympic Gold medallist Sally Gunnell, famous for her 1992 win in the 400m hurdles, endorsed the Berlei Shock Absorber range. Clearly, hurdles and boobs are never going to be the best of friends, but their relationship has improved since Berlei were involved.

That history has extended, and Berlei sports bras are now some of the most popular around. At Lingerie Outlet Store we stock a wide range of Berlei sports bras ready for all levels of activity. So, whether you’re the new-age type who needs a little support for a calm and relaxing yoga session, or you’re more active and need ultra-control, a Berlei sports bra will do the trick.

Get the very best in support, comfort and fit with Berlei lingerie that doesn’t lack in style or glamour. If exercise is more your thing, choose a Berlei running bra for your workout and get all the support you need. What’s more, Lingerie Outlet Store pride themselves on customer satisfaction, so, take advantage of our free UK delivery and a 30-day guarantee.

If you’d like any extra information on our fabulous range of Berlei lingerie, underwear and sports bras, call our expert team now on 01793 487100.