Bestform Lingerie provide truly feminine and beautiful lingerie for the everyday and special occasions too. They’re great for women of all shapes and sizes as they come with a range of features for support, style, and fit. There’s also plenty of sophisticated Bestform lingerie catered to a special night with a partner. Whatever the occasion, Bestform has you covered – or in some cases, not so much! Check out our collection of Bestform lingerie online, as well as our Bestform sale to find fabulous lingerie at incredible prices!

Bestform Bras

  • Full Cup Bras

    For those with larger bust sizes, Bestform full cup bras are a great addition to your lingerie collection. Many have 3 row 2 hook closure systems, fully adjustable straps, and can come without pads, meaning you get the best support and comfort too. With options running all the way up to chest size 48 and cup size G, Bestform provide fabulous options for even those with the largest breasts.

  • Side Support Bras

    If you find a traditional full cup bra leaves you a little unsupported, consider one with side support. The extra panelling ensures even the most difficult breasts are kept supported and comfortable all day long. And don’t think you have to substitute style for extra support, these Aubade bras often feature beautiful materials such as stretch lace.

  • Balcony Bras

    Balcony bras, as the name suggests, only part-cover the breast. They usually provide half-coverage, but in some styles, they drop to just a third. That makes these Bestform bras perfect for those outfits where you need a discreet bra. They can also make for a great special occasion bra as they’re suggestive, sophisticated and stylish. If you fancy a sexy pin-up aesthetic, a balcony or balconette will do the trick!

  • T-Shirt Bras

    Bras don’t always need to come with a million-and-one features just to be successful and do what’s required. A T-Shirt bra by Bestform is simple and perfect for the everyday. Often featuring molded cups, they’re perfect for those tight outfits where you want a little extra shaping.

Bestform Lingerie for Support

When people talk about lingerie for support, they initially think of bras. And while it's true that Bestform provides plenty of bras that will enhance and support your bustline, there are also plenty of Bestform underwear options that do similar for your hips, waist, bum, and tum. With such a wide variety of choices, it can be hard to decide what’s best. That’s why we’ve put together a quick guide on what to look for when choosing Bestform lingerie for shaping and support.

  • High waist – Best for women who want to streamline their silhouette, high waist briefs from Bestform are great for those tight outfits that aren’t too friendly to any of your lumps and bumps.

  • Tummy control girdle – If you’re more conscious than confident about your tummy, consider a Bestform tummy control girdle. The name may sound old-fashioned, but that’s one of their strengths. These come with a whole history of shapewear design behind them, meaning they’re one of the best options for controlling your physique. They’ll leave you feeling truly confident and ready to both boss the boardroom and dominate the dancefloor!

  • Boy shorts – For a casual, everyday approach to lingerie, Bestform boy shorts do it all. They come made from high-quality materials, designed to keep you both cool and in shape all day long.

  • Front fastening full cup bra – Do you struggle to get your bra on without help from a partner? These Aubade bras will remove all the hassle and let you focus on what’s important!

If you have any further questions around our Bestform lingerie sale or online collection, call our expert team on 01793 487100.