Launched in 2005, by Emily Bendell, the Bluebella lingerie brand has since gone on to sell all over the world from the States to Australia. Having won numerous awards, and listed for many others, the Bluebella range bridges the gap between the high street and fashion-forward, boutique styling. Add in the official licence to produce Fifty Shades of Grey themed lingerie and you can see how a Bluebella piece of lingerie will add a sumptuous quality to your current lingerie collection.

The Bluebella Lingerie Style:

Blubella lingerie blends sophistication and elegance with a racy and risk-taking attitude. Their lingerie is consistently thought of as super sexy and high-quality. Bluebella designers look to break down barriers and subvert the rules of the lingerie scene. This means Bluebella lingerie is always unique, fashion-conscious and extra luxurious. Buying Bluebella online gives you the quality of a boutique and fashion house without ever having to leave your apartment. With plenty of Bluebella sale items at Lingerie Outlet Store, you can be sure to get the very best in quality at the very best prices.

Bluebella Bras:

Bluebella offer a modern take on traditional lingerie bras, with a focus on super-sensual designs ready to impress. A Bluebella bra is designed to make her wearer look and feel incredibly sexy and confident all day and night. They’ll usually include features to enhance the appearance of the bust line and make for an ultra-sultry aesthetic. Some of our favourites include:

  • Plunge Bra:

    A Bluebella plunge bra is the ultimate showpiece. With a deep neckline and a central push, your bustline will look ultra-sexy and appealing, great for giving your partner a little more than may have expected. Often coming in super high-quality lace, a Bluebella plunge can be a real sensory item for your lingerie collection. It may also be the kind of lingerie you want to keep on, not take off, as the revealing neckline can make for a pleasurable aesthetic all night long.

  • Open Cup Bra:

    Incredibly daring, suggestive and risqué, a Bluebella open cup bra can be a truly exciting addition to your lingerie ensemble. You get the sexy revelation of the open cup but are still supported via soft elasticated strapping and underwire. If you’re looking for variety in the bedroom, these stunning bras can do the trick.

  • Bandeau Bra:

    If the open cup is a little too daring, consider a Bluebella Bandeau bra. With the option for bandeau collaring, you get a risqué aesthetic while keeping a traditional bra shape.

  • Balconette Bra:

    Choose a balconette bra from Bluebella for a fashion-forward, ultra-sexy, light look bra. The Balconette design supports the bust from the bottom and therefore can give the uplift you desire. With a one-third or half cup coverage, a Bluebella balconette is all about allure and temptation.

Bluebella Briefs, Knickers and Thongs:

  • Bluebella thongs:

    Bluebella thongs are an ultra-sexy choice for finishing off your lingerie ensemble. There are plenty of options, including mid-rise thongs and thong-briefs. Bluebella’s fashion-forward designers ensure that all their thongs are both sophisticated and exciting. They’re perfect as a luxurious option for beneath tight evening wear, or as sexy lingerie for a special night with a partner.

  • Bluebella briefs and knickers:

    Bluebella briefs and knickers are the perfect example of exciting, modern updates to traditional lingerie. Expect the ultimate in luxury and style, with plenty of finishing touches like lace edging, sheer mesh and flirtatious cut-outs.

  • Bluebella underwear is lingerie to make a statement. Feel like the queen of the bedroom in these luxurious, super sensual pieces inspired by the brave and daring modern woman. Allure, temptation and sophistication all in one, choosing Bluebella lingerie is a winning choice for both you and your partner. But these aren’t just nightwear pieces, their lightweight design makes them perfect for wearing underneath your day-to-day attire. Confidence and attitude is the key with Bluebella, and you’ll feel a true goddess every time you decide to wear the brand.

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