Embrace the finest French designs and a history stemming back over 100 years by choosing a Chantelle bra. We regularly stock over 50 different Chantelle bras in a variety of styles, from balcony to plunge, t-shirt to side support, even Chantelle sports bras! Our collection gives you incredible options to update your bra collection with whatever you need – whether that’s a sexy bra for a hot date, an everyday essential, or a multi-function piece you can wear whenever.

Why choose a Chantelle bra?

With over a century’s experience, Chantelle are leading expert bra makers. Developing bras from as early as 1876, their production processes are informed by both traditional and innovative bra technology. Expect a dedication to the perfect fit coupled with modern styles, materials and on-trend colour patterns.

What are the most popular Chantelle bras online?

While every Chantelle bra is made to an exact standard, there are some bra types by the French brand which are more popular. And while it’s definitely worth looking at the whole collection before making your decision, here are some ideas to get you started:

Chantelle Sports Bra:

Chantelle sports bras feature a range of different support features ready to improve your exercise experience. First, you’ll want to decide whether you need a low, medium or high impact sports bra.

Choosing the right sports bra is important for a number of reasons, from maximising your performance to your health. The ligaments that hold your boobs in place are susceptible to damage if put under strain. That damage is irreparable without expensive surgery. So, you need to make sure any movement or bounce is controlled by your bra.

Chantelle Strapless Bra

We all need a strapless bra for pairing with our sleeveless bras. Chantelle strapless bras are incredible as they provide high levels of support without the need for straps. Discreet, cute and with impeccable fit, choose a Chantelle strapless bra to avoid having to readjust throughout the day.

Chantelle Side Support Bras:

Most suited to those with full busts, consider a side support bra by Chantelle to get a blend of glamour with high levels of support. Featuring sectioned cups, they provide those with side heavy or full busts a rounded, symmetrical shape. Ensuring forward projection and centring, they’re great for when you need a little extra boost of confidence.

Chantelle Bra Sale

Looking to buy a Chantelle bra online? We frequently feature a Chantelle bra sale with discounts all the way up to 90%. High quality bras don’t need to be expensive – keep checking back to find the best bargains and make the most of our free UK delivery too!

At Lingerie Outlet Store we know it can sometimes be difficult find the best Chantelle bra online. That’s why we offer a 30-day guarantee so whatever you choose you can return if it doesn’t quite fit all your requirements. We recommend choosing a few and sending back the ones you’re least happy with!

If you have any questions regarding our Chantelle bras or Chantelle bra sale, get in touch with our expert team on 01793 487100.