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One of the biggest names in fashion, Donna Karan has consistently been at the forefront of women’s clothing and lingerie design. She approaches women’s fashion with the mantra that it should be women who design for women.

When her daughter hit the teenage years and began to raid her closet, she recognised a need for high-quality fashion tailored towards the young. Enter DKNY – the fashion-forward fashion line with a youthful twist.

The brand has all the elegance and sensuality of the typical Donna Karan style, updated for the younger woman. DKNY takes its inspiration from the hustle and bustle of New York City, so, expect energy and attitude mixed with practicality and style.

To live a New York lifestyle, you need to be fluid and spontaneous, ready for whatever the city throws at you. But of course, the DKNY brand is for more than New York socialites. The world is an increasingly busy place, and a woman’s approach to fashion needs to account for that. That’s why DKNY lingerie and nightwear is designed with versatility in mind.

At Lingerie Outlet Store, we often stock a DKNY sale, meaning you get the quality and flexibility of DKNY at great prices. Our range of DKNY online products includes comfy lingerie and nightwear for the modern woman, as well as sexier pieces for those who fancy something a little risqué, either for their own satisfaction or to impress a lucky partner.

DKNY Lingerie

DKNY lingerie takes the design ethos of Donna Karan and applies it to women’s more intimate garments. Donna Karan is famous for her ‘seven easy pieces’ collection which allowed women to combine seven garments to make a range of outfits greater than their sum. With DKNY lingerie you get similar freedom and can mix and match without losing that consistent and considered aesthetic.

By choosing DKNY lingerie online, you can add to your current collection or invest in a full new set. Whether you choose one piece or several, DKNY lingerie will provide you flexibility for choosing your lingerie ensemble, meaning you’ll never feel bored or predictable.

Super fashionable and practical, shopping for a DKNY sale gets you all the quality of the elite designer brand at discount prices. There’s a wide variety of lingerie to choose from DKNY online, here are some of our favourite DKNY bras:

  • DKNY Longline Bralette

    Proof that DKNY lingerie is ultra-versatile and ready for any occasion, a DKNY longline bralette can be worn as underwear or an outer-garment. Casual and classy all at once, both the red carpets and the after-parties of New York are buzzing with bralettes.

    Wearing what was once considered underwear, as outerwear, has become the go-to trend and will give you a super contemporary edge. Consider pairing a longline bra with a leather jacket. As an underwear piece, a longline bra looks beautiful and is ultra-comfy. Made from high-quality materials such as lace, and often with underwired cups, you get comfort, support, and style, all in one.

  • DKNY Plunge Bra

    Ever popular as lingerie to make a statement, a DKNY plunge bra is super sexy, featuring a low-cut v neckline. Often with light padding, you get enhanced shaping of the bust line and cleavage, in a sultry yet elegant design. Low cut DKNY lingerie is great for pairing with similarly low-cut evening wear. So, if you want a discreet bra that’s going to have you looking your best, a DKNY plunge bra is always an excellent choice.

  • DKNY bodysuits

    DKNY lingerie one-pieces are great for giving you the style and sass of New York with added cover and support. DKNY bodysuits are beautifully crafted, meaning you get comfort along with the DKNY attitude. Often featuring lightweight, sheer materials and a thong back-style, a DKNY bodysuit is excellent for wearing beneath tighter outfits, or for special occasions with a lucky partner.

  • DKNY Chemise

    Perfect for a hot summer night, a DKNY chemise excels in breathability. Whether you want a chemise to finish off a super sexy lingerie collection or as a high-quality option for sleep, choosing a chemise from DKNY online will do the trick. At Lingerie Outlet Store we often stock a DKNY sale, so keep your eyes out for a truly high-quality bargain.

DKNY Nightwear

As well as their fashion-forward lingerie collections, you don’t want to miss out on DKNY nightwear. A DKNY chemise or bralette can be a fantastic option for nightwear as well as more sexy lingerie; however, there are plenty of options designed specifically for sleep and lounging around the house.

  • DKNY Pyjama Jumper

    Ever found yourself stealing a partner’s jumper to sleep in? Save the hassle and buy a long sleeve jumper from DKNY online. Made from luxury soft materials, they’re a mega-comfy option for winter nights or for around the house on a breezy morning.

  • DKNY Pyjama T-Shirt and Shorts

    DKNY nightwear can make the difference for cosy nights and lazy mornings. A T-Shirt and Shorts combination will give have you looking fashionable, feeling great, and relaxing to the max. Made from lightweight materials, DKNY pyjama t-shirts and shorts will keep you ultra-comfy as you fall to sleep, and help you feel fresh come the morning.

  • DKNY Dressing Gown

    For the ultimate in luxury, choose a dressing gown from the DKNY nightwear range. Super soft and cosy they’re great for throwing on for movie nights and cold mornings. The super soft and luxurious materials of a DKNY dressing gown will have you feeling truly chill. Just don’t blame us if it makes you late for work!

Choosing DKNY lingerie online gives you access to the most fashion-forward, on-trend designs from the comfort of your own home. What’s more, at Lingerie Outlet Store we often stock a DKNY sale which meaning both you and your bank balance can look fabulous.

All our products come with a 30-day guarantee and free UK delivery so you can shop DKNY lingerie online, DKNY underwear and more with all the safety of the Lingerie Outlet Store ethos for customer satisfaction.

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