There’s nothing quite like an Elle Macpherson Intimates Bra – well, except for those that are part of our Elle Macpherson bra sale! Designed to the highest standards, they’re a great addition to any lingerie collection providing the perfect balance between functionality and beauty. Our collection features over 20 different styles and shapes, often part of an Elle Macpherson bra sale too!

What are the different types of Elle Macpherson Bras?

The modern woman needs bras that are fit for many purposes. Most Elle Macpherson Intimates Bras are suitable for a number of situations, whether that be a few drinks after a long day in the office or a cosy night with a partner after a late shift. Here are just some of the bra types in our collection:

  1. Balcony – These bras use half or one-third cups and can therefore be suggestive and tempting! Often, they’re popular for pairing with outfits that require your bra to be discreet. Because of their half coverage, they’re great for outfits with low necklines.
  2. Plunge – Featuring a much lower centre-cut than most other bra types, plunges are great for enhancing cleavage and showing off what you’ve got! They’re equally popular for a confidence boosting all day bra as well as for wearing beneath classy evening outfits.

  3. Bandeau – Featuring a strip of material that contains the bust, these are stylish and comfortable, especially great for those who don’t massive amounts of support.

  4. T-Shirt – Sometimes all we need is a bra that’s going to sit quietly and behave itself. A T-Shirt bra is perfect for your everyday essentials. Pair with a shirt or t-shirt for the office. They provide good comfort and won’t show through.

  5. Demi – Similar to a balcony but specifically half cup, these bras provide a good balance between a flirtatious shape and good support. Providing support from beneath the bust-line, they’re great for providing that timeless 1950’s aesthetic.

There are even combination bras which merge features from different bra shapes to create truly innovative shapes.

  • Check out the Elle Macpherson Plunge T-Shirt bra to get great cleavage with a bra that stays invisible.
  • Need a bra that’s going to boost your assets to their maximum potential? An Elle Macpherson Plunge Push-Up is the one for you!
  • After the maximum comfort in a stylish everyday essential? Choose an Elle Macpherson lace bra with soft cups and no underwire or padding.

As you can see, there’s plenty of scope for finding the perfect bra with our Elle Macpherson collection. The even better news? We often feature an Elle Macpherson bra sale, meaning you can get these fabulous designer bras at incredible prices. With discounts of up to 90% you’ll be hard beat to find a better Elle Macpherson bra sale online. And don’t forget our free UK delivery on orders over £15 and our 30-day guarantee!

For any more information regarding any of our Elle Macpherson Intimates Bras, call our friendly team now on 01793 487100.