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Finding the right lingerie for a full-figure is often difficult. What works well for smaller women doesn’t work quite so well for those with larger busts, tums and bums. In the past, this meant limited choice, but not so anymore! By shopping for Elomi lingerie online, you get access to an incredible variety of plus-size bras, underwear and super-sexy lingerie.

The Elomi brand consider comfort, fit, style, and support as equally important. This means you get the best of all worlds, cutting-edge fashion in designs perfect for your body-shape and bust size. At Lingerie Outlet Store, we pride ourselves on providing the very best lingerie at the best price. So, keep your eye out for an Elomi sale and get your plus-size lingerie at a discount price.

Why choose Elomi Plus Size Lingerie?

For women with fuller figures, the conversation is nearly always about support instead of style. Yes, comfort is key, especially for those with more to support, but this doesn’t mean style has to go out the window. With Elomi, you get lingerie that does it all.

They take inspiration from the hottest new trends and pair it with superior levels of comfort and fit. So, don’t expect a range that’s boring, plain and desperate to remain hidden. Elomi plus size lingerie will make you super confident and stylish, in an ensemble that’s as good for showing off as it is for keeping everything in place.

Who are Elomi?

Elomi is a plus-size designer line launched in 2008 by the Eveden Group, who were industry leaders in full-figure bras, lingerie and swimwear. In 2012 the flagship lingerie brand Wacoal bought the Eveden Group and therefore Elomi too. Other Lingerie Outlet Store brands like Fantasie and Freya are part of the Wacoal group too, meaning you can access their superior products at great prices. Browse through our range and look for the Elomi sale, as well as all our discount plus-size products.

Wacoal is famous for their handcrafted approach to lingerie, meaning there’s a human involved with everything they produce. This ensures the very best quality for all their brands and products. With plus-size lingerie, it’s important to have high levels of quality as any mistakes or errors in design can result in embarrassing mishaps for the wearer.

This makes Elomi a great choice for your plus-size lingerie as you can rest assured knowing that every product is made to the very highest standard. And because we often have an Elomi sale, you can get that high standard at a cheap price! But just as important as an Elomi sale, and their high standards of production, is the designer brands approach to style and fashion.

The Elomi Lingerie Style:

One of the key benefits of choosing from Elomi lingerie online is the amount of choice they provide for women with larger busts and non-petite body shapes. From beautiful, classy Elomi underwear with intricate patterns, to super bright and fun plunge bras, Elomi offers a great variety for those with fuller figures.

There’s no consistent style that runs through the Elomi line, as this would limit choice. Instead, Elomi wants to offer those with larger boobs, bums and tums, the same choice as those with petite frames. From geometric, on-trend patterns, to beautiful embellishments and lining, adding Elomi plus size lingerie to your collection will ensure you never feel boring or predictable.

The Superior Fit of Elomi Lingerie:

There’s a reason plus-size lingerie companies always talk about comfort and fit. That’s because it's important. And while it can get boring hearing it all the time, choosing the right kinds of support will make for a more satisfying lingerie experience. The good news? With Elomi, you know you’re going to get great support so you can focus mostly on style instead.

What we recommend when it comes to choosing plus size lingerie is considering what parts of your body leave you the least confident. Look for features that hide or enhance these areas. So, if you’re not too fond of your tummy or waist, choose full or high-waist briefs. If your bust never feels in shape, look for bras with side support or light padding. The beauty of Elomi lingerie online is that you’ll find whatever support you need, but always in a fashionable, on-trend style.

One of the best things about Lingerie Outlet Store is we often have designer and plus-size brands at super cheap prices. By shopping online in our Elomi sale, you’ll get stylish Elomi bras and lingerie at discount prices, and with free UK delivery and a 30-day guarantee, it should be impossible to say no! If you need any advice on our range of Elomi plus size lingerie, get in touch with our friendly sales team on 01793 487100.