Fantasie bras are designed for women with fuller busts to be able to enjoy the beauty and detail that is so often lacking in plus sized bras. Their collections include bras of different shapes and styles ranging from cup size B to K but specialising in D+ sizes. So, whether you need a stunning bra to wear under your clothing every day or a specialist bra for a fancy occasion, there are so many to choose from that you’re bound to find one that fits the brief. As one of the UK’s leading Fantasie bra stockists, we have a fantastic selection.

What are the Fantasie bra styles

As Fantasie bras are tailored towards curvy ladies, they come in styles that offer support and unrivalled shaping. That’s not to say that they lack in style – they are all beautifully designed in feminine fabrics, colours and shapes to make you feel confident and sexy. Cheap Fantasie bras are usually difficult to find due to their quality and designer name, but our collection has some amazingly affordable prices.

Full cup and side support bras

Full cup bras offer complete coverage at the front of the breast, leaving you feeling supported and suitably covered should you want to. While this may sound matronly, the styles available in the Fantasie collection ensure that you won’t feel frumpy. As these bras are made with beautiful, comfortable fabrics, they also won’t feel bulky underneath your clothes.

Side support bras don’t always have a full cup but in most cases, they do. The difference here is that they have thicker panels at the sides with supporting materials in their construction. They also have supportive straps made from pretty fabrics, so you can feel supported without worrying about unsightly straps. This is useful for those who tend to get back ache or feel a strain in their breasts. Wearing the right size bra in a supportive style can eliminate these issues.

Balcony bras

Balcony bras are what you imagine when you think of old Hollywood glamour – the style which goes straight across the bust, embracing those curves. The Fantasie range comes in lots of different colours and fabric choices so you can find one that suits your personal style. You can also choose between padded or non-padded. Those worried about nipple show-through should opt for padded styles, while non-padded cups can still give excellent support with a vertical seam that runs through the cup, holding your assets comfortably in place.

Plunge bras

One of the sexiest bra styles, plunge bras have a lower cut at the front meaning they make the most of your cleavage while still giving support. This style is perfect for low cut dresses or tops, or nights when you just want to feel your sexiest. Our Fantasie bras clearance has excellent options.

T-shirt bras

T-shirt bras are the staple style perfect for any underwear drawer. Those with larger breasts often find it difficult to get a t-shirt bra that fits well and doesn’t leave them feeling unsupported. In this Fantasie bra sale, there are styles that are designed specifically for the bigger bust, meaning comfort and support is the top priority. T-shirt bras give a super smooth aesthetic and work well under most clothing. There are also T-shirt bra styles that can be turned into a Fantasie strapless bra, so you can have the best of both worlds and hide those straps whenever you need to.

What fabrics do Fantasie bras come in?

With Fantasie, it’s all about the attention to detail. Each bra is designed in a way that should enhance your figure and leave you feeling fully supported without becoming too hot or uncomfortable. For this reason, the brand use superior fabrics in stunning patterns, colours and textures to ensure you feel amazing every day.

  • Lace – One of the sexiest fabrics, lace is perfect for showing just enough skin without baring all. Lace also comes in many different patterns and colours, allowing you to choose how daring you want to be. Some of the Fantasie bras are full lace and have a sheer effect all over, while others have a half cup lace or lace overlay, giving just a hint of cheekiness.
  • Satin – A lot of the bras have a satin or silk-like appearance but are actually made from a stretchy blend of Nylon/Polyamide and Elastane. This allows for freer movement while still giving the luxury aesthetic that we all love.
  • Cotton – As a natural fabric, cotton is a great temperature regulator, keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. It also wicks away moisture from the body. Cotton bras are classic, simple and extremely comfortable.

If you’re a fuller busted woman and need to find your next favourite bra, try a style from the cheap Fantasie bra collection we have here at Lingerie Outlet Store. Want to know more about Fantasie lingerie or their products? As we’re Fantasie bra stockists, we know all about them, so give us a call today on 01793 487100.