Fantasie swimwear has everything from cute tie-side bikini briefs to glamorous maxi beach dresses. And while there’s a huge variety in their products, there’s a running theme throughout. Fantasie swimwear is all about comfort and the right fit for those with larger cup sizes. This focus on comfort is crucial for those who need more support with their bust line and the rest of their body.

There’s not much room for error when it comes to swimwear, that’s why Fantasie lingerie make it their priority to ensure everything stays where it should and looks great too. But don’t think this means boring or plain, Fantasie swimwear is often bright and playful and always inspired by the most in-vogue fashion trends.

Fantasie bikinis:

Fantasie bikinis are catered towards those with larger cup sizes, but this doesn’t mean there are limitations. Expect a whole range of colours, patterns and different styles.

  • Full Cup Fantasie Bikini Top:

    There’s a wide variety of Fantasie bikinis, but the most popular are those with full, underwired cups. Expect plenty of bright patterns to draw the eye away from the waist and hips, while enhancing your cleavage.

  • Balconette Fantasie Bikini Top:

    If you always wear full cup bikinis and are looking for something a little different, consider a balconette Fantasie bikini. This will still give you good support but is a little more suggestive and glamorous because of the lesser coverage.

  • Plunge Fantasie Bikini Top:

    To make a real statement, consider a Fantasie plunge bikini. The plunge design means a deeper than normal neckline, creating a super feminine shape, while still giving the right support and anchorage.

Most Fantasie bikini tops come with matching shorts too, for a consistent, stylish look at all times. Fantasie bikini briefs, like their bikini tops, come in a range of designs and finishes. Low rise bikini briefs provide a flattering fit, while mid and high-rise Fantasie bikini briefs are perfect for those who need a little more support. The higher cut can cover the waistline and hips, giving you the confidence lots of us need from swimwear.

Fantasie swimsuits:

A Fantasie swimming costume can be subtle and elegant, or bright and funky, depending on your preferences. For those who want to streamline their silhouette, there are Fantasie swimsuits with ruched sides. These have a stunning slimming effect and can make you feel super confident.

What’s more, you can choose a Fantasie swimming costume with adjustable straps to ensure you get the perfect fit. Browse our fabulous range of Fantasie swimming costumes which includes the following, and more!

  • High Neck Fantasie swimsuit:

    An elegant and timeless design, the high neck swimsuit mixes superb support and coverage with a stylish, classic design. This is a perfect poolside look, and as with all Fantasie swimsuits, you’ll get the benefits of luxury and comfort too.

  • Bandeau Fantasie swimsuit:

    A strapless swimsuit can be playful yet elegant at the same time. With inspirations from more classic swimwear, a bandeau Fantasie swimsuit can be the perfect mix of old and new. Plenty of Fantasie swimsuits have the option for removable straps too, so what’s a bandeau one day, can have straps the next.

  • Plunge Fantasie swimsuit:

    Like Fantasie bikinis with deep plunges, a plunge Fantasie swimsuit packs a punch. The deep neckline emphasizes your bust and can be a great swimwear piece for rocking both the beach and the bar.

Fantasie tankinis, beach dresses, and kaftans

The Fantasie swimwear range extends to tankinis, beach dresses, and cover-ups like kaftans and kimonos. You still get the bright, patterned styles Fantasie are well known for, but with added cover, great for keeping out of the sun or those days where you don’t fancy showing off as much.

Fantasie beach dresses, kaftans and cover ups are perfect for those days where plans change. Having a kaftan to throw over your bikini or swimsuit can save having to head back to the hotel to change. They’re usually lightweight and can fit in a beach bag, meaning they’re a must-have for your holiday suitcase.

For the ultimate in pool-party-chic, choose a maxi halter dress to throw over your bikini later in the evening. If you don’t want the full cover of a Fantasie maxi dress, consider a delicate kimono or kaftan, which is super easy to throw on and looks great too.

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