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Fauve is French for wildcat, so there’s no prizes for guessing what to expect from this lingerie brand – style, sass, and a more than just a dash of danger. With plenty of beautiful, sophisticated bras, briefs, knickers and thongs, choosing Fauve underwear can help add a touch of class to your lingerie drawer.

With such a name, there’s always going to be plenty of daring animal prints, but there are also many elegant lingerie pieces too. Aesthetic isn’t the only focus either, as Fauve make sure their lingerie is made with the highest-quality materials and manufacturing. That means this is lingerie to last.

Typically French, this brand are all about sophistication, making their lingerie the kind you’ll come back to time and time again. They’re especially great for those special occasions where you want to feel your most beautiful and sexy self. And with plenty of Fauve products coming at discount prices – often over 75% from RRP – you can rest assured that you will get the best lingerie at an incredible price!

Fauve Lingerie

There’s plenty of bargains to be had with our Fauve lingerie sale, from truly feminine balcony bras right through to the sexiest thongs. Plenty of Fauve lingerie comes with incredible finishing details and trimming, making this a brand that you’ll love from day one. Every product goes through a wholesome manufacturing and testing process which ensues the very highest quality.

Fauve Bras

Fauve provide beautiful bras for up to cup sizes DD. They have many different types, suitable for a number of situations, including:

  • Plunge Bras: Featuring a lower front cut than most other bras, these are great for enhancing cleavage and showing off your assets! Perfect for a date night or for getting the required bust-line silhouette for everyday use.

  • Half Cup and Balcony Bras: Have an outfit that requires a more discreet bra? Or just fancy something sexy with less coverage than normal? Fauve bras can do the trick!

  • Side Support Bras: Perfect for those who want a little extra uplift and forward projection, Fauve bras will have you feeling confident and looking great at the same time.

Fauve Underwear

Fauve Knickers

Fauve knickers relish in everything French. Expect beautiful lace, high-quality designs and impeccable fit. All their products are designed to look fabulous but also ensure women can go about their day-to-day life without issue. It’s safe to say that Fauve are fans of suggestion, that’s why plenty of their knickers are designed to be flaunted. Expect minimal coverage and eye-catching embellishments, designed to draw the eye of any lucky beholders and set the tone for a special night.

Fauve Briefs

If the idea of minimal coverage is not up your street, consider a Fauve pair of short briefs. Snug and comfortable, they can give you a little extra shape and support, without losing out on glamour. Often finished with a beautiful French lace trim, they allow you to stay luxurious every day, whatever the occasion!

Fauve Thongs

For a beautiful blend of sexiness and class, consider choosing a thong from the Fauve lingerie collection. As this is a brand who understand that importance of attraction and sophistication, these thongs are a must-have for your special lingerie drawer. What’s more, as with all thongs, they’re great for ensuring no VPL, so consider adding a few to your everyday essentials too.

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