Freya lingerie are one of the UK’s most popular lingerie brands for women with bigger cup sizes. Freya bras are built for comfort and style, allowing women with ample busts to feel wonderful every day. Bras are Freya’s specialty, so it’s no surprise that they have every style you can imagine, made specifically for curvy body shapes. If this sounds like you, you’re bound to find a style you love in our Freya bras sale.

What are the different Freya bra styles?

Different occasions call for different bra shapes. And, some people prefer the comfort of certain bras styles over others. Luckily, the Freya bras collection at Lingerie Outlet Store has a huge selection to choose from.

Balcony bras

Balcony bras have cups that level to a straighter line at the top, making them lower cut than some other bra styles. The Freya balcony bras still offer a lot of support and will give you a gorgeous vintage aesthetic, especially when trimmed with lace and ribbons. These can be great bras to wear in summer as they feel less heavy and can be cooler than other bra styles due to the skin being able to breathe. The Freya Rio bra is one of the most popular balcony styles.


Worn both for fashion and underwear purposes, bralettes have taken the world by storm in the past few years with the ‘underwear as outerwear’ trend. Despite some people thinking they aren’t supportive due to their thin fabrics and dainty designs, bralettes from Freya have supportive bands and straps to ensure your bust is adequately held during the day.

Half cup bras

Similar to a balcony bra, a half cup bra is lower cut at the top, showing off the top of the breasts. This gives a gorgeous, sexy look as well as feeling super comfortable and stylish.

Maternity/ nursing bras

Maternity bras from Freya are perfect for women who have a larger bosom that needs easy access for feeding. They have cups which drop or move to the side so you can feed your baby without any hassle. Women’s breasts can grow a few cup sizes when pregnant, especially if you choose to breast feed. These bras come in those bigger sizes to accommodate your new figure.

Plunge bras

Choosing a Freya plunge bra might be your perfect choice if you want to boost, not hide away your assets. Plunge bras are cut lower in the centre, giving a sumptuous cleavage and celebrating your curves. If you want to make a statement in an evening gown or top, this is the bra for you. The Freya Deco bra is one of the bestselling plunge styles.

Side support bras

Women with larger breasts can end up with back, neck and shoulder problems if they don’t wear a bra with adequate support. Side support bras have thicker panels at the side made from specialist fabrics, holding your bust in place and taking some of the pressure off the underwires and straps. The Freya side support bras come in pretty designs, so you can still feel confident and beautiful.

Sports bras

A Freya sports bra can give you all the support, comfort and temperature control you need when exercising. They come with super supportive straps, strong under bands and a small amount of padding to ensure there’s no nipple show-through. Whether you want a Freya sports bra, crop top or bra vest, there are plenty of different options to choose from.

Strapless & Multiway bras

It can often be a struggle to find a properly supportive strapless bra if you have a cup size that’s bigger than D! However, due to research and clever designs, Freya strapless bras and multiway bras give you the option to bare your shoulders without the worry of your bra slipping down or digging in. Multiway bras have different strap variations to be worn under halter, a-symmetrical, racer back or strapless tops and dresses.

T-shirt bras

T-shirt bras are the most versatile style, with minimal padding, a smooth appearance and comfortable shape which suits most clothing. The Freya deco bra in a T-shirt shape could be a fantastic option, available in many colours and designs. The T-shirt bra is a staple in any underwear drawer, even those with bigger cup sizes.

How do I choose the right Freya bra for me?

The best way to choose which bra style suits you most is to try them on! With so many styles, shapes, colours and finishing touches available in our Freya bras clearance, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We offer free delivery and a 30-day guarantee on all our items, so why not order a few styles and try them for yourself?

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