You’re most likely to have heard about the Freya lingerie brand for their skill and experience in providing bras for women with larger bust sizes, but they also stock underwear of an equally high-quality. From Freya briefs and knickers to thongs and Brazilian boy-shorts, Freya provides all kinds of underwear for all kinds of body shapes.

They are dedicated to making women’s lingerie that looks gorgeous and fits beautifully. Expect elegant, sexy designs that fit great and leave you feeling wonderful all day long.

Who are Freya?

Freya are a luxury lingerie brand that takes their name from a goddess in Norse mythology. The Freya goddess is famous for her love of beauty and fine material possessions. She is synonymous with beauty, love, sex and fertility.

As you can imagine, any fashion line that takes such inspiration is going to be equally sexy, beautiful and luxurious. And despite stocking lingerie for a variety of purposes, by choosing Freya, you know you are getting the very best. But don’t just take our word for it, Freya have won numerous awards for their lingerie.

In 2010 they were awarded Brand of The Year by Salon International and in 2015 won the prestigious Cosmopolitan Fashion Award for Best Luscious Lingerie Brand. All this goes to show that by choosing Freya, you know you’ll be getting the very finest lingerie.

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Why choose Freya underwear?

One of the key benefits of choosing Freya underwear is their wide variety of styles and types. Women’s underwear needs to tick off plenty of boxes to make sure it works how women want, and with Freya, you’ll be guaranteed to find the right solution for all occasions. That said, it’s often difficult to find the right kind of underwear, so we’ve put together a quick guide on what to look out for.

How to choose the best Freya Underwear

  • Everyday Underwear by Freya:

    It’s arguably most important that the underwear you wear day to day is of high quality and makes you feel and look beautiful. But how do you get the right balance between comfort and style? Fortunately, all Freya underwear is designed with style in mind, so whatever you choose will be on-trend and glamorous, leaving you with only the decision about what’s most comfy. Freya briefs, shorts and knickers all have their own advantages, meaning you can choose your favourite type of fit in beautiful Freya designs.

  • For the maximum in comfort, choose a pair of Freya briefs or knickers. These come with full back and front coverage which provides a comfortable fit for both days at the office and days lounging around the house. What’s more, they’re often super stylish and with beautiful embellishments and trimming. By choosing Freya knickers, you don’t have to substitute comfort for style, as you can get it all!

    Freya boy shorts and brief shorts give you similarly good coverage, in a more ‘boy style’ of underwear. They’re great for everyday wear as they feature wide sides which helps prevents any digging into the skin.

  • Freya Underwear for Shape and Support:

    Plenty of Freya underwear comes designed to help enhance and maximise your body shape. If you carry a little more around the waist and tummy than you’d like, choose a pair of Freya shorts. They frequently provide gentle flattening of the tummy and can smooth out any unwanted lumps or bumps.

    A Freya Control Slip can be the perfect addition to your underwear collection as it’ll give you control from your bust-line right down to your thighs. They’re great for wearing underneath tight evening wear as they smoothen out irregularities and give you an enhanced silhouette.

    Freya underwear made with stretch materials like elastane and Nylon can help give an enhanced look as these materials adapt to your body shape, but also help hold it in position, giving you support with a natural aesthetic.

  • Sexy Freya Underwear:

    Nearly all Freya underwear can be classed as sexy and sensual because the brand always focuses on feminine and beautiful designs. However, if you’re looking for underwear that’s truly risqué and eye-catching, consider Freya thongs, suspenders belts, and Brazilian briefs.

    A Freya thong will look great paired with a suspender belt, with just a bra, or by itself. For a cosy night with a partner, they can really set the mood. Alluring and full of temptation, a Freya thong takes the ideology of the Freya Goddess to her most exciting heights.

    If a Freya thong is a little too revealing, consider Freya knickers and briefs with a Brazilian cut. They’re still ultra-sexy but won’t have your whole rear on display. This is because a Brazilian cut gives you less coverage than standard, traditional underwear, but more-so than a thong.

    Go all out and choose a sultry suspender belt from Freya. They’re great for special occasions where you really want to make an impression. A Freya suspender belt is sophisticated and sensual and will make you feel like a true goddess.

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