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Gossard lingerie comes with over a century of experience in designing beautiful and well-fitting bras. Founded in 1901 and has led the industry ever since, Gossard is famous for many advances in the history of bra technology. From the early days of revolutionising corset design to the introduction of the Wonderbra, Gossard have always led the way.

They create timeless, luxurious and bust-line enhancing bras for women of all shapes and sizes. Having won numerous awards, and always looking for ways to improve, Gossard bras are the ultimate in quality and satisfaction. From supportive, super-fitting designs, to more sultry numbers, the Gossard bra range has something everyone.

The History Of Gossard


First appearing in Chicago, the Gossard brand moved across the Atlantic to the fashion capital London in 1920. Their first revolutionary idea was to move the laces on a corset from the back to the front, providing easier access and better comfort. Becoming a British company in 1930, they started to focus on lingerie designed to enhance the figure-line.


During the Second World War, Gossard became involved with the war effort, providing everything from brassieres for the Women’s Navy to sails and parachutes. In the 1950’s, Gossard launched the Perma-Lift range of bras which featured their newly-designed ‘Magic Insert’ – a supportive shape placed within each cup to provide permanent uplift. By the 1960’s, Gossard had revolutionised the industry again, introducing the soon-to-be-world-famous Wonderbra.


With an increase in the average cup and bust size, Gossard noticed a gap in the market and developed their ‘Sheer Glossies’ range to take advantage. This gave those with even the largest cup sizes, the option for a bra that made their bust-line look natural under clothes.

The Glossies bra is still incredibly popular, perhaps a cause of their endorsement by models like Sophie Anderton and Kate Groombridge, or their racy, controversial marketing campaigns which shocked and delighted the British public in equal measure.

Why choose Gossard?

Winners of the 2015 and 2016 UK’s Favourite Lingerie Brand of the Year, Gossard have cemented their place at the pinnacle of British lingerie design. A quick browse through any Gossard bra sale will show a variety of different styles and designs, from bust-line boosting push-up bras to sexy, feminine balcony bras and more.

Expect luxury lace materials, exquisite foil finishes, key-hole detailing and plenty of other beautiful embellishments. But Gossard bras aren’t just about aesthetics, they also lead the way with comfort, fit and support.

The Gossard Glossies Bra

Ever since its inception, the Gossard Glossies Bra has been a firm favourite for women the world over. Made with cutting edge, lightweight fabrics, a seamless design and the latest in shape technology, a Gossard Glossies bra is a must-have for your lingerie drawer. The seamless design prevents show-through, even in the tightest outfits, and the lightweight fabrics and cup-design maximise comfort and fit.

These are bras for when you don’t want to feel like you’re wearing one but still want good shape and support. Expect a natural yet supported aesthetic, with a breathable and luxurious fit. What’s more, the Gossard Glossies bra range doesn’t just include one style or shape. You can choose a Glossies t-shirt bra for every day and a Glossies plunge bra for pairing with low-cut tops.

A Glossies plunge bra is especially great for when you want to enhance your cleavage and make the most of your bustline without any irritation. Whatever style you choose, expect a natural, rounded, forward-facing shape. And remember, Lingerie Outlet store often run a Gossard Glossies sale so you can get the very best in bra technology for the very best price.

A Gossard bras sale doesn’t just stop on the Glossies range, there’s a whole variety of other bras included too. From beautiful, intricate Japanese patterned plunge, to super-boost multiway lace, there’s plenty of choice. It’s worth browsing through our range of Gossard bras to find the best aesthetic and bra-type for you, but whatever you choose, you can rest assured knowing it will be a bra of the highest quality.

Customer satisfaction is a key concern of ours at Lingerie Outlet Store, that’s why we offer free UK delivery and a 30-day guarantee. Plus, our friendly team of bra experts are on hand to guide you through buying from the Gossard bras sale. Get in touch now by calling 01793 487100.