Part of the LF Intimates group, Lepel lingerie are makers of the finest lingerie for women, especially bras and lingerie. With a focus on comfort and fit, but not discounting aesthetic quality, choosing Lepel bras is a great way of ensuring your lingerie collection has the perfect bra for every occasion.

Having spent years at the very pinnacle of the lingerie industry, every Lepel product has a dedication to quality running through its design. Made from luxury fabrics and with plenty of supporting features, a Lepel bra is a must-have for your lingerie drawer.

Why choose a Lepel Bra?

With bras from cup sizes A-J, the Lepel range is designed with every woman in mind. No matter what body shape or size, Lepel bras have an impeccable fit and sophisticated styling. Clearly not every Lepel is perfect for every body shape, however a Lepel bras sale will include plenty of options for all.

If you have a petite frame and smaller cup sizes, look towards the Lepel London range which is designed specifically for more athletic body shapes. Lepel plunge and full cup bras are great for those with curves and larger busts, providing ample support while never losing out on style.

There are plenty of bras to choose from our Lepel bras sale, so check out our quick guide to finding the perfect type for you.

A quick guide to choosing the best Lepel bra:

  • Lepel Plunge Bra: Like with all plunge bras, a Lepel plunge bra is great for enhancing your cleavage and bustline. Perfect for wearing with dresses with a deep V neckline, they’re great for giving you a sophisticated, sexy aesthetic while still getting the support from features like underwiring and light padding. There’s plenty of variations with a Lepel bra, so browse our range to find the one that suits you best.
  • Lepel Balcony Bra: Lepel balcony bras are great for giving uplift and push while remaining super comfortable. They’re great for wearing beneath low-cut dresses, especially when you want to show off a little, as they have cups which provide much less coverage than a full-cup bra. Don’t think this means a lack of support though, with underwiring and a thick bottom band they will keep everything in place, leaving you to enjoy your day and night.
  • Lepel Push Up Bra: For those days or nights where you want to enhance your bust-line, a Lepel push-up bra is a perfect choice. Often coming with smooth moulded cups, they’re great for creating a rounded shape while making your bust look up to a cup size bigger.
  • Lepel T-Shirt Bra: Made from lightweight materials and with a focus on all-day-comfort, a Lepel t-shirt bra is a perfect bra to wear for day-to-day occasions, whether that’s work or a quick trip to a gin garden of a weekend. Plus, because t-shirt’s come in so many variations, a t-shirt bra does too. Lepel t-shirt bras can come in plunge, balcony, moulded and push-up styles.
  • Lepel Bralette and Longline Bra: Bralettes are all the trend at the moment – as both outerwear and lingerie. Lepel’s focus on fit and comfort, coupled with their gorgeous, sophisticated designs and materials, makes these a must-have for the modern woman. Consider wearing a bralette as part of a lingerie ensemble or under a denim or leather jacket for a real fashion-forward aesthetic.

Lepel Fiore Bras – The Best Selling Range from Lepel

Many of the most popular Lepel bras come from the Lepel Fiore bra range. ‘Fiore’ is Italian for flower, so expect truly feminine beautiful bras. They’re made from high-quality, soft-touch fabrics which make them a comfortable yet classy option for both day and night lingerie.

The Lepel Fiore padded plunge bra is an excellent choice for enhancing your silhouette. Perfect for wearing underneath a tight or low-cut outfit as the light padding and plunge cut help emphasize your cleavage.

For those with larger cup sizes, or who just prefer the feel of a bigger bra, the Lepel Fiore Full Cup Bra offers style, sophistication and support. The full coverage keeps your bust in place all day long, and the thick underband provides additional support. Full cup bras can often feel hot and uncomfortable, that’s why Lepel have designed theirs from lightweight, luxury materials. The Lepel Fiore Full Cup bra also comes without padding to maximise breathability.

Another real popular choice from the Lepel Fiore bra range is the Fiore T-Shirt Bra. A real must-have for your everyday collection, the Lepel Fiore T-Shirt Bra features smooth underwired and microfibre cups, which are moulded with light padding to give you the very best cleavage finish. Made from beautiful textronic lace and with a cute contrast bow too, this is the bra that does it all. You’ll feel like a goddess with this bras shape enhancing, fashion-forward design.

For more information on our range of Lepel bras, get in touch with our friendly team of bra expects by calling now on 01793 487100.