By 2022, Maidenform will have had a whole century as leaders in everything lingerie. At the time of their inception, the consensus was that the female figure should be hidden away, in undergarments designed to minimise curves. Ida Rosenthal, Enid Bisset, and William Rosenthal – the founders of Maidenform – had a different idea. They wanted to create lingerie that celebrated a woman’s figure. They particularly wanted to create bras and underwear that enhanced the female shape, hence the name Maidenform.

Over the course of the following 90 years, the brand continued to produce lingerie with a focus of emphasizing the hourglass figure. At one point they had 40% of the lingerie market share, proving just how popular their approach was with women of all shapes and sizes. Industry leaders for nearly their whole existence, they continue to use long-tried production methods, as well as cutting-edge materials and technology. All this comes together to ensure the very highest quality. And whilst the whole Maidenform brand is popular, there are some options which reign supreme. Whilst Maidenform strapless bras and Maidenform backless bras are incredibly popular, more-so is their shapewear.

Maidenform Flexees Shapewear

For a brand focused on celebrating the female form, Maidenform shapewear was always going to be important. With their Flexees underwear line, Maidenform extended their collection to include shapewear designed for maximum effect. Despite being designed to stay invisible under even the tightest clothes, the Flexees line provides extensive support for the bust. Often Maidenform flexes shapewear also has great flattening properties for the hips, tum and bum.

Firm control waist nipper

If you’ve already got the perfect bra to pair with your outfit, yet need a little control for the tummy and waist, consider this waist nipper from the Maidenform Flexees shapewear line. It’s great for helping you achieve an hourglass figure, as the double ply panel can instantly take off inches from your waist!

Flexees Low Back Bustier

This is a fantastic option for when you want to achieve your very best silhouette but need discretion. The low-back means this Flexees bustier is great for pairing with a classy low-back evening gown. With underwired and moulded cups, you get a well supported and rounded bustline. The firm control panel on the tummy is great for smoothing out any lumps or bumps. With such a combination of features, you can see why this bustier is one of the most popular options for Maidenform Flexees shapewear.

There are plenty of other options for Maidenform shapewear too. Check out our Maidenform sale, as we frequently stock Flexees strapless body shapers, torsettes, and thigh slimmers at discount prices.

Maidenform Bras

Similar to their shapewear, Maidenform bras are designed to make the most of your assets. From cleavage enhancing plunge bras to custom lift, moulded push-ups, there’s real scope for maximising your bustline with Maidenform. There’s even the option for seamless T-shirt bras, perfect for your everyday essentials at it ensures no show-through, yet still provides support and a natural boost for the cleavage. There’s often the option for Maidenform backless bras and Maidenform strapless bras too.

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