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Previously known as Superbra by Panache, the brand dropped the ‘Superbra’ and are now known solely as Panache. However, within the Panache brand, there are five different sub-brands, each coming with their own personality, design ethos and style. With a focus on creating the very best fit without losing out on style, Panache lingerie is a must-have for those with a full bust and figure.

But don’t think this means those with petite frames and smaller cups have to miss out on the beauty and superior design of this lingerie – Panache create lingerie for women of all shapes, cup and chest sizes. So, whatever your figure, it’s worth checking out a Panache UK Sale, as you’ll no doubt find lingerie that will provide a whole host of benefits.

The Five Brands of Panache Lingerie

Pioneers of D plus lingerie, Panache are world leaders in manufacturing and creating underwear, shapewear and swimwear for women with larger busts. Despite this long-standing tradition of focusing on those with full busts, they also create lingerie for cup sizes A and up too. If you’re unsure about which Panache lingerie will suit you best, read on for more information about the different sub-brands.

  • Panache

    Self-titled, this range is most suited to those with fuller figures. From modern to timeless, there’s plenty of style choices within this range. From sophisticated plunge bras with matching Brazilian briefs to supportive, everyday bras, you’ll find the perfect lingerie to catch your eye in our collection of Panache UK lingerie.

  • Cleo by Panache

    The playful, younger sister of Panache, Cleo is vibrant and stylish. Expect plenty of on-trend designs from bright and bold patterns to more elegant one and two-tone styles. From exciting, colourful bras and briefs to stunning swimwear, Cleo uses all the knowledge of Panache lingerie, with a fresh, fun and youthful twist.

  • Sculptresse by Panache

    Sculptresse lingerie by Panache, as the name suggests, is all about creating a flattering silhouette and body-shape. This is lingerie that will help you celebrate your figure and embrace your femininity. Created to inspire confidence and can-do attitude, expect a Sculptresse lingerie ensemble to make the most of your boobs, bum and tum, and have you feeling like a true goddess, whatever the occasion.

    If you often struggle to find lingerie that fits well, then you definitely need some Sculptresse in your life! Expect plenty of supporting features, alongside beautiful designs and styling.

  • Panache Swim

    When you’re heading to the beach or pool, how you feel about your body is incredibly important. Pack your suitcase or your gym-bag with Panache swimwear to feel truly confident and beautiful. All upper-body swimwear by Panache is bra-sized, from bikini tops to tankinis and swimsuits. Getting the support of bra-type fit in swimwear ensures even those with the largest busts have no need to worry about days at the pool or beach.

  • Panache Sport

    An award-winning exercise line, Panache Sport create swimsuits, sports vests and sports bras for women of all shapes and sizes. As with all Panache lingerie, there is a focus towards those with fuller busts. All this means is that more thought has gone into support and shape, so whether you’re petite or curvy, you can still benefit by choosing Panache sport for the best in exercise lingerie.

Why choose Panache lingerie?

Running through Panache's ethos is the belief that the female form is beautiful, sexy and always worth celebrating. Panache bras and underwear is designed to maximise each individual’s body shape, creating flattering silhouettes and inspiring confidence. Whether you need a pretty and comfortable maternity bra, an on-trend tankini top or super-sultry Brazilian briefs, Panache has got you covered.

Sexy Panache Lingerie

A Panache lingerie ensemble can also be great for specials nights with a partner. Consider an open-back babydoll for a super-sexy aesthetic that will set the tone, with a beautiful, matching tango thong. Because they understand the needs of a woman’s body, choosing a sexy lingerie ensemble by Panache will not only get your partner hot under the collar but will make you feel ultra-confident and sexy – perfect for getting on with the plan at hand, stress-free!

By choosing to shop Panache UK from Lingerie Outlet Store, you get a 30-day guarantee and free UK delivery. And with a frequent Panache sale, you can get your designer lingerie, swimwear or sportswear at incredible prices. For any more information regarding our fabulous range of lingerie, speak to our helpful sales team on 01793 487100.