The Playtex brand has a history that stems all the way back to the 1930’s, and this plays a part in even their most recent Playtex bra designs. Innovation and a focus on how to improve the comfort and fit of women’s lingerie is the most important part of the brand’s ethos.

With many break-through bra technologies beginning in Playtex labs, it’s clear to see this is a company dedicated to providing the very best lingerie for women. With famous lines such as Cross Your Heart and Ideal Beauty, Playtex focuses their design towards creating iconic, revolutionary lingerie sets.

Playtex Cross Your Heart Bra

Arguably the most famous of all Playtex lingerie, Playtex Cross Your Heart bras have been the go-to bra for women since the 1950’s. Consistently refreshed and updated to suit the modern woman, and to incorporate new bra technologies, the Cross Your Heart bra makes the most of expert, classic tailoring with a modern twist.

The original Cross Your Heart bra was a wireless support bra that separated and lifted each breast independently, providing a secure fit and enhanced silhouette. As breast sizes have increased, so has the need for extra support. The Cross Your Heart bras by Playtex come in a range of styles. You can get both non-wired and Playtex underwire bras with the iconic ‘X’ cut of the Cross Your Heart Range. They also come in a range of materials from cotton to microfibre to lace, meaning you can tailor your choice to your own preferences and tastes.

The original wire-free Playtex Cross Your Heart bra is still available, just updated to match current bra quality. It is a non-wired full cup bra that takes the best of the original expert corset design and matches it with new technologies such as wide straps and a racerback style. All these features come together to ensure the maximum in support and comfort.

Another popular Playtex Cross Your Heart Bra is the soft cup version. This comes made from natural, soft cotton and features under cup panelling to provide an extra level of support. Even though its non-wired, it still offers a great amount of support and is available up to cup size F.

Playtex Flower Elegance Bras

These bras are Playtex’s answer to ensuring rounded yet natural shaping for the bust-line. Featuring the finest lace materials, satin bows and elegant floral patterns, you get a truly feminine, stylish and comfortable bra. These bras are so beautiful yet supportive that they are perfect for all times of day and all occasions!

If you want a bra that will look sexy in front of a partner but keep you comfy too, you can’t go wrong with a Playtex Flower Elegance bra. The beauty of the Flower Elegance line is that there’s an incredible variety of bra cuts and shapes to choose from. So, whether you prefer a balconette, spacer or full cup bra, you’ll find it with Playtex Flower Elegance.

Playtex Ideal Beauty Bras

Playtex Ideal Beauty Bras feature moulded cups and are made from a feminine, soft sheer lace. These wireless bras provide amazing shape and support without the need for wires. If you often find that wires irritate your skin or leave red marks, the Ideal Beauty range will definitely become your go-to bra.

With 360-degree support from the front, side and back panelling, you are guaranteed the best levels of comfort, whatever the occasion. As the name suggests, these bras are truly gorgeous and feminine, meaning you get the best in both style and comfort!

Other Playtex Bras Online

Browse the full Playtex brand page, and you’ll find a whole host of bras suited to different needs. From Basic Micro Support Soft Cup bras to classic cotton full cup bras, there’s plenty of choices even outside the main Playtex lines. Be sure to browse the entire catalogue and find the perfect bra!

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