With over 13,000 staff worldwide and products sold in over 120 countries, Puma is well and truly a global brand. Most famed for their advances in sportswear, they have sponsored and been endorsed by the very greatest sportsmen and women, including Pele, Usain Bolt, Heike Drechsler and Maria Navratilova. And just to name drop a little more, they have Rihanna as Creative Director for womenswear, and Jay-Z in the same role for the Puma Basketball line. With such a wide array of talent, inspiration and endorsements, Puma are one of the most well-known sports brands of all time. With such history comes an incredible focus towards craftsmanship, meaning that any Puma product is designed and manufactured to the highest quality.

But what’s a sports brand, most famed for their trainers, doing on a lingerie site? Well, Puma are not a brand to be pigeon-holed. There’s a wide range of Puma boxers for men, as well as Puma bralettes, sports bras and briefs for women.

Puma Underwear for Women

Puma underwear for women is bold, bright and designed for enhanced comfort, all day long. Cara Delevigne heads the line and is a perfect embodiment of the brand – bold, punchy and independent. Puma underwear has a classic, timeless look and uses modern technologies to ensure the very best experience for the wearer. There are plenty of types of Puma underwear for women, from bikini briefs to thongs, including everything in between.

Bikini Puma briefs from the Puma underwear range for women provide superb levels of comfort in stylish, sporty designs. Made from soft stretch cotton materials, they’re a real must-have for your everyday essentials.

Making the most of Puma’s longstanding tradition of providing the very best sportswear, they are a great addition to even the most non-sporty woman’s lingerie collection. That’s because Puma briefs are designed to keep athletes comfy when undertaking rigorous physical activity – so, you can imagine how great they must feel for those who are a little lazier! Often featuring stretch waistbands, Puma briefs adapt to your body, ensuring maximum comfort all day long.

A Puma thong is a worthy investment, especially for pairing with a tight outfit. The string is crafted with the same stretch cotton as Puma bikini briefs, ensuring you get a high level of comfort with the minimal rear coverage of a thong. They can be a great choice for those who normally dislike the feel of a thong as their first focus is on comfort, unlike other more aesthetic ‘sexy’ thongs.

Mini shorts by Puma are again made with super soft, stretch cotton. This material is extremely breathable and wicks away any moisture built up throughout the day. With Puma mini shorts, you get a men’s boxer short style, which gives you enhanced freedom of movement.

Similar to the mini shorts are Puma hipster briefs. These are low-rise, starting just below the belly button and finishing at the top of the thighs. They’re super comfy and are also great for everyday wear as well as for exercise.

Puma Sports Bras, Bralettes and Crop Tops

Puma bralettes and crop tops double up as both everyday wear and sports bras. They’re the famous sports brands answer to providing women with the right amount of bust-line support for exercise. As the brand is renowned for their advanced sportswear, a Puma sports bra is a sure-fire way to make the most of your exercise regime. Choose a Puma sports bra for your gym-wear, and you’ll never look back!

A puma bralette is an excellent choice for your everyday underwear collection. They’re super comfortable and made from the highest quality stretch cotton. Often featuring adjustable straps, you can alter the fit to match your frame perfectly. For lazy days lounging around the house, you can keep it super loose and comfortable, but tighten up if needed. They often come with padding too so you can get a rounded shape and extra support.

Puma crop tops often feature a racerback style which enhances support to your bustline. This can be great for wearing to the gym in place of a sports bra, as well as an easy-to-wear option for everyday activities. Coming in bright, bold colours, they can inspire confidence and help you look the part at the gym!

Puma Boxer Shorts for Men

Puma boxers are a must-have for any man’s underwear drawer. Finished with soft cotton, elasticated bands and Puma branding, they provide a stylish and comfy underwear experience. Puma boxer shorts come in a range of colours, from classic black to bold green, red, pink and blue. With options for slim fit Puma boxer shorts, they enhance a man’s figure, making sure he looks great and feels confident too.

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