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Secret Weapons are a brand focused on discretion, whether that’s by offering nipple covers to prevent show-through or knickers that guarantee no VPL. They also provide bra inserts, also known as chicken fillets, to help create a beautiful cleavage and bust line. And even though the company is Australian, their products are flown all over the globe, providing women of all nationalities with the very best bra accessories. Coming at incredibly reasonable prices, with free UK delivery and a 30-day guarantee, it’s definitely packing your drawer with a few of your own Secret Weapons.

Why choose Secret Weapons?

You can never quite be sure that your perfect dress is going to fit as you want. Minimise the risk for any fashion faux-pas by choosing bra accessories from Secret Weapons. What’s more, they can give you the confidence you need to wear even the most revealing or tight outfits. If you’re a little unsure about your new bodycon dress or you have a top that requires the most discreet bra, Secret Weapons will quickly become your new best friend.

What are the different options?

Secret Weapons provide a range of innovative bra technologies and underwear solutions, but with such a variety of choice, it can be difficult deciding what’s best suited to your needs. Check out our quick guide to the two most popular Secret Weapons bra enhancers, as well as a list of what else to expect from this life-saver of a brand!

Secret Weapons Bra Inserts

Also known as chicken fillet bra inserts, these bra accessories will increase the appearance of your bust by up to two whole cup sizes. So, for those days and nights where you really want that va-va-voom, look-at-me aesthetic, Secret Weapons chicken fillet bra inserts are a perfect solution. Made from silicone, they’re designed to sit below and to the side of the breast, providing the very best lift and centre-push. Transparent and soft, you can pair chicken fillet bra inserts with even the most delicate bras.

Secret Weapons Nudi Boobies Silicone Bra

Need some support for your boobs but any bra visibility is an absolute no? A Nudi Boobies Silicone Bra will have you covered – only just! These silicone bras provide incredibly minimal coverage whilst still offering support and lift. They are backless and strapless bras that are practical, comfy and reusable. What’s more, they’ll increase the appearance of your breasts by one cup size! So, if you need a truly discreet bra that provides show-stopping lift, a Secret Weapons Nudi Boobies Silicone bra is the one for you.

Other Secret Weapons accessories:

  • Bra Strap Converters
  • Cushion Comfy Straps
  • Nipple Covers
  • No VPL Thongs
  • No VPL Knickers
  • Commando G Invisible String Knickers
  • Reusable Bra Extenders
  • If you’re not quite sure about the use of any of these Secret Weapons products or want some advice on what to pair with a difficult outfit, speak to our helpful team of experts. Call now on 01793 487100.