An offshoot of the ever-famous Triumph International underwear brand, Sloggi UK embraces all the technology and expertise of its parent brand and applies this knowledge to its own, more specific objective – namely, providing the most comfortable underwear for both men and women!

Also referred to as Sloggy, the brand are industry leaders in producing bras, briefs and other styles of underwear that change the way you think. So comfortable and freeing, choosing to shop Sloggi online gives you an option for underwear that you’ll hardly ever notice.

For briefs, the Sloggi Maxi and Midi briefs are incredibly popular, while a Sloggi thong can provide a seamless foundation to your outfit. There’s also plenty of bralettes and Sloggi bras which are worthy additions to any woman’s underwear drawer. And don’t think men need to miss out on the experience, there are plenty of boxer shorts and men’s briefs too!

Why choose Sloggi?

All underwear, from bralettes to men’s boxer shorts, are designed with five key features. The team of scientists, fabric experts and designers behind the scenes came up with these key pillars of success to ensure the very best levels of comfort:

  1. Uncompressed Materials

    All Sloggi underwear and shapewear, from maxi briefs to bralettes, is made to ensure you aren’t held in a way that’s wrong for your body. The high-quality, elasticated stretch material is ready to respond to your every move, preventing any riding up or bunching.

  2. Support without Wires

    Wires can often be the worst part of a bra, causing discomfort and irritation. It’s true that bra technology has now reached a point where provided you’re wearing the right size, wires shouldn’t be too much of a problem, however, to get a guarantee of comfort you’re best looking for a Sloggi non wired bra.

    The next question always seems to be one about support. But don’t worry, these bras are designed to offset the need for wires, whether that’s with a racerback fit, adjustable straps or both. You don’t need to compromise on comfort when looking for support with a Sloggi sale bra.

  3. Seamless and Invisible

    Underwear designed without seams is renowned as the best for comfort. The reason is the lack of lining ensures no rubbing against the skin but also ensures your underwear will stay invisible, even beneath the tightest of outfits. This makes for an incredibly luxurious experience, leaving you to face the day stress-free.

  4. Impeccable Fit

    Sloggi UK say one of their key concerns is making underwear that ‘adapts to your body, instead of adapting your body.’ This means that instead of trying to hold your body unnaturally, the materials react to your body shape and move as you do.

  5. High Quality Material

    Made from a truly soft superfine micro-fibre material, the fabrics used ensure a snug fit that responds to your body. With incredible moisture-wicking properties, microfibre materials are great for keeping you dry all day, great for your busy days or even wearing to the gym! Other products come made from 95% cotton, ensuring the very finest, luxury experience, all day long.

The best Sloggi Underwear Online

From the sophisticated Zero Lace line to the impressive Wow comfort bra and briefs range, there’s plenty of choice with Sloggi online to find underwear that’ll not only make you feel great but look great too. With options for bralettes, midi and maxi briefs, men’s boxer shorts and more, Sloggi underwear has all the answers for your everyday underwear collection.

And while all products in the range are truly revolutionary for comfort and fit, the Sloggi Basic collection is one of the most popular!

The Basic Midi and Basic Maxi Range

The name may suggest otherwise, but this line consists of advanced underwear for women. It’s called basic because it’s a no-nonsense, ultra-comfy and practical line of briefs for women. The range consists of different shaped and sized briefs, ready to give you shape and support, as well as daylong luxury.

Sloggi Midi Briefs

Sloggi Basic Midi Briefs make the most of the five key features mentioned earlier, but with added support. Rising to just below the belly button, they provide a gentle flattening of the tummy in a natural and unforced manner. These briefs will make for a timeless addition to your everyday collection, offering outstanding levels of comfort with a little extra support.

Sloggi Maxi Briefs

If you need all the luxury of Sloggi with high levels of support too, Sloggi Basic Maxi Briefs are a real game-changer. Completely invisible under even the tightest outfits, they rise to the waist and provide a flattening for both the waistline and tummy. And remember, because Lingerie Outlet frequently runs a sale, you can often get yours for discount prices!

For any more information regarding our range of Sloggi UK underwear, speak to our friendly sales team. They’ll give you the best advice and help you find the perfect Sloggi sale underwear. Call now on 01793 487100.