Michael Phelps, Nathan Adrian and Ryan Murphy – what do they all have in common? Well, apart from their gold medals in world championships and Olympic games, they all choose Speedo as their go-to swimwear. The reason? Speedo are unrivalled in producing the finest performance enhancing men’s swimwear.

But don’t think Speedo are only catered towards those who are putting in 50+ laps of the pool a day, there’s plenty of casual and beach Speedos for men.

Speedos for Men

Speedo swimwear for men ranges from body-hugging briefs to leisure beach shorts. So, whether you need streamlined, performance-boosting Speedo trunks, or Speedo shorts for your next holiday, you’ll find the perfect fit at Lingerie Outlet Store. And remember, we offer free UK delivery and a 30-day guarantee so you can rest assured knowing that we’ve got you covered! What’s more, Speedo have seen a major increase in popularity of late, both as a performance and fashion brand.

The beauty of wearing men’s Speedo swimwear is you get all the benefits of high-technology and product testing, regardless of the activity you have planned. Quick-dry materials, impeccable fit and superior comfort, all lead to a great swimwear experience. Consider the heat regulating materials that most Speedo swimwear comes with as standard – this is clearly great for strenuous exercise in the pool, but what about when sunbathing?

Those same materials will keep you dry and minimise sweat build-up. And with long-lasting materials, they can work as a practical, stylish holiday solution, then double up as your swimwear for the year afterwards!

Speedo Briefs

For both amateur and professional swimmers, Speedo briefs are always a great choice. Elasticated waistbands and endurance+ fabrics, provide you with a pair of briefs that will hug to your body shape and keep you in control. This is perfect for ensuring there are no mishaps by the pool as well as keeping you streamlined and ready to perform at your highest level.

What’s more, the sleek signature Speedo black and blue designs are great for aesthetic purposes too, meaning you’ll look great in and out of the pool.

Speedo Swimming Trunks

Speedo swimming trunks often come with UV protection and chlorine-resistant materials, meaning they’ll last much longer than a cheaper pair of trunks from a lesser brand. Speedo trunks are often focused on support and comfort, ensuring you can focus on your swim, instead of having to constantly adjust your swimwear.

Featuring materials made specifically for an irritation-free swim experience, Speedo trunks can make for a great addition to your swimwear collection. What’s more, Lingerie Outlet Store often have Speedo trunks as part of a Speedo sale, meaning you get the best designer swimwear at a discount price!

Speedo Swim Shorts

Often featuring on-trend patterns and styling, Speedo swim shorts can make the difference to your holiday suitcase! With quick dry materials and water draining systems, they have plenty of expert features that can make your beach and poolside activities that little bit easier.

With drawstring elastic waistbands and built-in pockets, they’re a versatile option for your time by the beach or at the local pool. What’s more, because Speedo products are always made from high-quality materials, they’ll last longer than your average pair of swim shorts.

If patterns and bright colours aren’t your thing, don’t worry, there’s plenty of leisure Speedo swim shorts that are sleek and sophisticated without being too loud. 100% polyester black Speedo swim shorts are a great option for looking and feeling the part.

Super comfortable and stylish, they’ll have you feeling ultra-confident poolside. And if a pool party turns into an evening crawl of the local bars, the stylish, quick-dry materials of Speedo shorts means you can make the transition from pool to pub stress-free!

The Speedo Success Story

Speedo’s for men have had a long history of sporting excellence. Ever since the 1950’s and the sponsorship of the entire Australian Olympic team – who went on to sweep the board with 8 gold medals – Speedo have been at the go-to brand for the world’s best swimmers. Here are some quick facts to show you just how successful Speedo have been:

  • In the London 2012 Olympic games, over half of the medal-winning athletes were wearing Speedo swimwear.
  • Michael Phelps won his record-breaking eight gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games wearing Speedo trunks.
  • In 1976, Speedo was made official swimwear licensee for the Montreal Olympics, with 52 out of 54 teams wearing the brand.
  • 21 gold, 20 silver and 16 bronze medals are given to athletes at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

Clearly, this is a brand with a history of providing the very best in swimwear for men. And while serious athletes are the focus, there’s plenty of products ready for the beach.

If you need any further guidance on our range of Speedo trunks, shorts and briefs, speak with one of our swimwear experts today. Call on 01793 487100.