With a history stemming all the way back to the mid-19th century, Triumph lingerie have a wide array of skills passed down from their first expert corsetry makers to the current production team and designers. This knowledge base has been the foundation of their long-lasting global success. Triumph bras are therefore the result of extensive research and know-how, making them a great addition to any lingerie collection.

Triumph Bras

With options for balconette, plunge, full cup and sports bras, to name a few, there’s plenty of scope with Triumph lingerie to find the perfect bra. Whatever your body shape, cup or chest size, there’ll be a Triumph bra for you to you fall in love with. That’s because every Triumph bra is made with incredible attention to detail.

Their tagline is ‘for every woman and every look’ which couldn’t be closer to the truth. From sexy, sophisticated bras perfect for a date night to everyday essentials that you’ll wear time and time again, Triumph truly are a brand for all women and all occasions. That said, there are certain Triumph bras which reign supreme in the popularity contests.

Here’s our guide to just some of those world-famous Triumph bra lines.

Triumph Doreen Bra

World renowned, the Triumph Doreen bra has been consistently voted the best non-wired bra. And that’s not just in the past year or two, but the past forty! With an innovative three-section cup construction, the Triumph Doreen bra provides a perfect fit and impeccable support, especially for women with a larger bust.

Many women with larger cup sizes stay away from non-wired bras because of bad past experiences, but there’s no need! Check out the Triumph Doreen bra, and we can almost guarantee you won’t look back. What’s more, there are options for black, white, nude and even primrose pink Triumph Doreen bras so you can match superior comfort to your style preferences.

With Triumph Doreen, expect beautiful floral patterns, adjustable wide straps and a strong, wireless underband.

Triumph Amourette Bra

A modern take on a classic, Triumph Amourette Bras are incredibly popular for women of all body shapes and sizes. That’s because they come in a range of shapes, meaning you can cater your Amourette bra to your individual needs. So, whether you prefer an underwired plunge bra or a half-cup t-shirt bra, you’ll be able to find the right option in the luxury Triumph Amourette bra range.

And while the shapes may change, there is a running theme. Whatever Triumph Amourette bra you choose, expect a renowned soft-stretch lace material, impeccably tailored, moulded cups, ready to shape and support your bustline effortlessly. By choosing a bra from the Triumph Amourette line, you are choosing a bra that’ll quickly become a favourite.

What’s more, Triumph Amourette Bras are completed with the finest, most elegant finishing touches, meaning you get superior comfort as well as sophisticated style.

Triumph Sports Bras

Triumph Sports bras have long been considered some of the best in the industry. The most famous? The Triumph Triaction line. There’s plenty of different styles and features within this range of Triumph sports bras, allowing you to match your bra to your individual needs. From Triumph sports bras ready for the most strenuous activity such as the Triaction Extreme to lightweight minimisers like the Triaction Control Lite.

With the world going aerobics-crazy in the early 1990’s, there was a huge increase for a bra that could cope with any hop, skip, or jump. Triumph revolutionised the industry with their Triaction range of sports bras. Building on that success with brand new bra technologies, Triumph sports bras remained the popular choice for many women, from casual joggers to serious athletes.

Triumph Bras UK

Despite its German origins and global dominance, Triumph have been one of the go-to brands for UK women for nearly 100 years. Choosing Triumph Bras UK grants you the very best bras, from supportive bras for your everyday essentials, to seductive lingerie that you’ll treasure for years to come.

With a logo inspired by the French Arc de Triomphe and manufacturing embracing the best of German design, Triumph Bras UK truly brings the best of the continent to Britain. Browse our Triumph bras sale to find the very best bras, whatever your needs.

Triumph Bras Sale

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