Halfway through a classy evening dinner party, soon-to-be Ultimo founder and owner, Michelle Mone realised her bra was not doing her any favours at all. She struggled through the rest of the evening with plenty of awkward readjustments and constant discomfort. The following day, she began planning Ultimo bras, to ensure she never had to go through that discomfort again. So, it’s safe to say, choosing an Ultimo bra will have you feeling comfortable all day and night, but they don’t stop there. With options for incredibly sexy bras and those with great supporting features, there’s really nothing the Ultimo bra range can’t do.

Ultimo Bras

Ultimo T-Shirt Bra

An everyday essential, an Ultimo T-Shirt bra will soon become your best friend. Designed to stay comfortable all day long but also offer you with the right levels of shaping, they’re perfect for wearing under tight outfits. Clearly, they’re best suited to T-Shirts, but don’t discount an Ultimo T-Shirt bra for a tight dress or smart shirt either. And remember, they won’t show through your outfit so you can spend your day focusing on what’s important – not how your bra looks.

Ultimo Strapless Bra

A strapless bra is a must-have for any woman’s lingerie collection. We all have those outfits that demand a bra without straps and yet often, we leave them at the bottom of our wardrobe because we don’t have a strapless bra that fits correctly. Ultimo strapless bras are designed with this in mind, meaning you can resurrect those glamorous outfits without having to worry about whether or not your strapless bra will do its job.

Ultimo bras such as the Low Back Strapless Bra have a wide underband which ensures it won’t fall down, leaving you stress-free without the need to constantly readjust. If you’re of above average bust size, consider the Low Back Fuller Bust Strapless Bra, perfect for those between from cup sizes DD to G.

Ultimo Plunge and Push Up Bras

If you’re looking to feel your sexiest self, or impress a lucky partner, an Ultimo Plunge or Push Up bra could be the answer. If you’re breasts are quite small, a push-up is probably your best as it’ll maximise your cleavage and give the appearance of an extra cup size. If you’re blessed with bigger boobs, then a plunge can be a really sexy option for maximising your assets. Coming with plenty of supporting features like wide straps and moulded cups, they’re perfect for when you need comfort with a stylish, sophisticated aesthetic.

Finding the right bra is often a case of trial and error, as there are so many options to fit that it can be difficult to make the right choice first time. So, make the most of Lingerie Outlet Store’s 30-day guarantee and return your least favourites. If you have any further questions about Ultimo bra, speak to one of our sales team today. Call now on on 01793 487100.