We know, size matters

Fed up of bras that don’t fit? Tired of the discomfort and digging in all the wrong places?

It’s not uncommon for women to be wearing the wrong bra size, we all do it- find a bra we love and wear it for years, without even noticing that it doesn’t fit anymore. Your bra gradually moulds to your body shape, making it difficult for you to even realise whether it fits correctly or not.

We recommend getting fitted or measuring yourself every 6 months or when you notice a change in your weight to make sure you are still wearing the correct bra size, ensuring maximum support and comfort for your breasts.

How Do I Know if my Bra is Right for Me?

How to Measure

In just two simple steps

How to measure your band

This is best measured without wearing a bra for optimum results.

Using a soft measuring tape, stand upright and place the measuring tape under your breasts - this is where your bra band would usually sit. Making sure the tape is parallel measure all the way round from the front to the back, pull the tape firmly to take an accurate measurement.

The tape should feel firm but not restrictive, this is because your bra underbust fabric will stretch a lot more than the tape measure.

Make sure you measure in centimetres and type the number into our bra calculator in the ‘Band Size’ field.

How to measure your cup

To obtain your bust measurement, measure over the fullest part of your bust, keeping the tape parallel all the way round the body.

Keep the tape measure firm but do not pull tightly. For best results it is suggested to not wear a bra, or if you prefer, a non-padded style (for example a soft cup bralette). This will ensure the measurement to be as accurate as possible.

Make sure to measure in centimetres and type the number into our bra calculator in the ‘Cup Size’ field. This will then give you a great starting point on your cup size.

Remember - you may be different cup sizes in different brands, or even in the same brand but different style.

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