What's your perfect style?

So, you have your size and now your boob shape, but what about the right style?

There are hundreds of bra styles to choose from and there are also many different body shapes and breast shapes out there too. Similar to clothes, different styles and shapes will suit every body differently, so don’t feel disheartened if your friend suits a full cup bra better than you - it’s often a matter of trial and error until you find a style that works for you.

Styles that suit you can also change over time, which is why it is so important to measure yourself regularly.

We'll explain the styles available to you and what sort of style would work best for you below.

Bra Styles

What are the different Bra Styles

Balcony Bra

A balconette/balcony bra gives a square appearance to the neckline. This is a great choice for those who need a little uplift.

Perfect For

clothing with a square or rounded neckline


The ultimate go to for those casual lounge days. Wire free and non padded, provides very little support, preferred by smaller busted ladies also worn as outerwear as tops.

Perfect For

open neckline.

Comfort Bra

A bra that gives you a no bra feeling. Made from ultra soft material, sometimes lightly padded with wide straps for additional comfort. Provides a relative amount of support.

Perfect For

rounded or square neckline.

Full Cup Bra

Provides full coverage giving you a natural rounded shape, very flattering under tight fitted t-shirts. Ideal for fuller busts as they usually have side support panels for a strong forward projection.

Perfect For

scoop or high neckline

Mastectomy Bra

Mastectomy bras are specialist bras to help those who have undergone a mastectomy surgery. These bras have discreet inserts on the inside of the cups to fit prostheses for a boost of femininity and confidence.

Perfect For

all necklines

Minimiser Bra

Designed for the bigger bust, who are looking to appear smaller without their bust looking squashed against the chest. Great under tight fitted clothing if you want upper frame to look smaller.

Perfect For

any neckline.

Non Wired Bra

For those who want a natural shape without any uplift. A lot of women prefer wire free bra for more comfort. The bra itself has a lot less structure and feels softer around the breasts.

Perfect For

bateau neckline

Non Padded Bra

The bra is made from a single material with no additional padding or foam. Supports the natural formation of the breast, no enhanced uplift or additional support, but super comfortable.

Perfect For

cowl or high neckline

Padded Bra

Additional material alongside the material to form the cup, normally foam or cushioned padding. Enhances natural shape of bust and provides uplift and natural cleavage.

Perfect For

scoop or sweetheart neckline.

Plunge Bra

Like the push up, the plunge is also great to give you a sexy silhouette, the only difference is that the plunge has a lower cut. Ideal to wear under low cut or v-neck.

Perfect For

plunge or keyhole neckline.

Push Up Bras

Similar to your t-shirt bra but the push up gives you an exaggerated cleavage with the extra padding, as well as the graduated padding in the lower cup to give you the extra lift.

Perfect For

scoop or deep plunge neckline.

Sports Bra

Higher impact than your usual everyday bra, designed to keep your bust firmly in place. Usually in a crop top style, tightly fitted to do its job during your sweaty workouts.

Perfect For

scoop neckline

Strapless Bras

Perfect for those strapless outfits, most have a silicone strip on the inside, which firmly sticks to the skin. Provides a snug tight feel. Multiway bras can also be worn strapless as well as a racerback.

Perfect For

strapless or halter neck neckline.

T-Shirt Bras

An everyday wear for most women, provides all the comfort and ultra flattering under everyday clothes. Moderate coverage and reasonable amount of support.

Perfect For

round or square neckline.

Maternity Bras

Maternity Bras are fully supportive without any discomfort, smooth against your skin with detachable strap to allow you to feed your baby without any hassle.

Perfect For

all necklines.