What is a balcony bra?

One of the all-rounders when it comes to bras, the balcony bra is perfect for a range of occasions and aesthetics. This kind of bra, also known as a balconette or half cup bra, typically has a shorter cup height than other styles.

As the name suggests, the balcony bra gives at most half-coverage of your bust and allows for great support with a sexy, stylish design. Versatile and available in a whole host of styles, this bra shape is a staple piece for any underwear drawer.

There is a range of different designs suitable for a whole host of body shapes. Generally coming with wider set straps and push-up or padding, they are great for wearing as a cleavage bra. One of the most popular choices, they are available in a range of styles, from practical, white balcony bras right through to more ornate, lace balconette bra designs.

What do balcony bras do?

A balconette bra provides you with more push up than full-cup bras. They are great for wearing with low-cut necklines, whether that’s on a hot date or just a summer’s day. With support from the bottom, the shape of this bra gives you maximum lift and a rounder, fuller shape.

Who suits this bra shape?

For those with larger cup sizes, this bra type can help with lift and keep you comfortable throughout the day. If you have narrow or sloping shoulders, you may be more suited to a bra with narrower straps such as a full-cup or moulded bra. That said, the wide range of balcony bras does mean that with a little more consideration, you can find a comfortable and stylish option, regardless of your body size and shape.

What are the different types of balcony bra?

As well as the standard balconette bra, there’s a range of more advanced bras for those with a specific need or taste. Ranging from day-to-day, comfortable bras through to plunge and side-support, there’s one for every situation.

  • Balconette T-Shirt Bra - As with all balcony bras, a T-Shirt bra in this shape gives you support but in a sleeker, more concealed design. As the name suggests, they’re great for casual occasions where you need less of a statement bra but still want shape and support.

  • Balconette Plunge Bra - A plunge bra has the lowest centre of all the balconettes, providing a deep V-neckline. By not only offering support from the bottom but with a slight inward push, they are great for achieving maximum cleavage. A real night out kind of bra!

  • Balconette with Side Support - Most often coming with a four-section cup, a balcony bra with side support can help those with a larger bust achieve the sexy look that balconettes are famous for. Despite their half-coverage, they offer good anchorage, meaning you can stay comfortable while achieving that 1950’s pin-up aesthetic.

  • Balconette Padded Bra - These balcony bras come with extra padding inside the cups and provide fullness to your bust line. A padded bra gives your boobs a firmer, more enhanced appearance. With less coverage than a full-cup, they are great for giving you extra confidence and a sexy aesthetic.

  • Push Up Balcony Bra - For added lift and cleavage, a push-up bra is a perfect choice. Often coming with a three-part underwire, your bust is given all the support it needs with added shape. What’s more, lots of push up bras in this style come with vertical seams and delicate materials, providing comfort for either the whole day or a night on the town.

  • Half Cup Balconette Bra - If you're looking for a cheekier style, this shape has a lower cup, showing a little more cleavage at the top. Great to wear under cowl neck tops, this style is feminine, flirty and sexy.

Why we love these bras

There’s a balcony bra for every situation. This shape of bra is so versatile and suits most body shapes. For this reason, they come in a variety of materials and with a range of different finishes. It’s up to you to choose your favourite!

Add a touch of class to a cosy night in with a lace option. Or, for a bra that’s subtle and easy to wear, a bra with moulded cups and adjustable straps could be the answer. Give yourself a little boost with a padded balconette bra. White and black balcony bras work great as an every-day solution, or for matching up with a classy evening dress. Whatever you need, you’ll find the answer with a bra in this popular shape.

Our balcony bras come in styles from some of the biggest and most desired lingerie designers in the UK. Including Freya, Triumph, Pour Moi, Heidi Klum and Chantelle, you're sure to find a bra that suits your style and makes you feel amazing.

If you have any more questions about our range of balcony and balconette bras, speak to our team on 01793 487100.