What is a bralette?

A bralette, also known as a longline bra, has a similar shape to a crop top with a wide band under the bust and soft cups.

Hot new trend and easy-going, in one all-occasion design, the bralette is on the rise. Endorsed by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Dakota Fanning, bralettes are shaking off their kid-sister reputation and taking over both the red carpet and poolside parties. Whether you choose to wear yours as underwear or outerwear, there’s a style to suit everyone.

A bralette is a hybrid of a lace and sports bra, and therefore, ready for any occasion. Often coming without wires or padding, they provide maximum comfort and a stress-free approach to the day. However, made with a range of luxury materials, they can give you that sexy, glamorous aesthetic you desire. Commonly worn by fashionistas as both underwear and outerwear, the bralette is a great multi-function wardrobe piece.

How are bralettes supposed to be worn?

Most often, it’s the longline or bralette crop top that is favoured as both bra and outer garment. But the reason for their popularity is for more than just doubling up as outerwear.

When using a bralette in the same way as a traditional bra, they still offer a variety of benefits. They can be worn under a whole range of outfits and are great for both wearing to bed and for relaxing around the house. Couple a bralette with pyjama pants or shorts for lazy mornings, or beneath a loose shirt as a fun and comfy alternative to a more structured bra.

How should a bralette fit?

The most important part of the bralette is the band beneath the cups. This is where most of the support comes from, and it’s important that it fits correctly. Make sure the band stays level, even with arms raised, and that it holds snug to your skin. As most bands are made with elastic, the bralette will adjust to your size and make sure your bust gets the support it needs.

Contrary to popular belief, a bralette can offer good levels of support even to those who need larger cup sizes. With options for thick elasticated bands, adjustable straps, and even underwires, you’ll be sure to find a stylish, supportive bralette whatever your body shape.

How are bralettes sized?

Bralette sizes aren’t formatted the same as most bras.

As they are relatively close to the crop-top, they are categorised in a similar fashion. Check our general guide below for advice on what would be best suited for you.

  • XS / UK 8 – For those with cup sizes 32A-C.
  • S / UK 10 – For those with cup sizes 34A-C.
  • M / UK 12 – For those with cup sizes 36A-C.
  • L and XL / UK 14+ – For those with cup sizes 36C and above.

What do bralettes look good with?

When wearing a bralette as underwear, they can be great options for ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day.

They’re also perfect for maximising the use you get out of a whole range of different outfits. There’s no limit to what you can do when swapping a traditional bra for a bralette, however, here are some suggestions.

  • Wear a bralette underneath sheer and loose shirts as a way of staying suitable whatever the occasion.
  • If you have a top or dress you love but aren’t too confident because of its deep V-neckline, a bralette can save the day, as it will look great under both.
  • For backless tops and dresses, a bralette can add that extra level of edge while giving you the support you need for the whole day. When wearing a bralette top as an outer piece, there are infinite styling options to choose from. We’ve included some of our favourites below.
  • Couple up a black bralette underneath a leather bomber for a goth-inspired, edgy aesthetic.
  • A white bralette top is a staple piece to any summer wardrobe, perfect for pairing with high-waist or maxi skirts.
  • Go all out and choose a rainbow or patterned bralette. Throw on some disco-glitter and hit up a festival with a fun, boho style.

If you want to wear your bralette as an outer piece but aren’t too confident, check out our range of bra accessories which may give you the cover and support you need to rock the bralette look.

What are the best colours and materials for bralettes?

Matching the variety of types, bralettes also come in a wide range of colours and materials. The most popular colours are those that fit a range of style choices. By choosing a white or black bralette, you can pair it with almost any outfit. A pink or red bralette is also popular for a fun, bright aesthetic.

For a sexier look, lace bralettes are the on-trend choice, and a lace bralette top doesn’t have to be limited to the bedroom. Choose a black lace bralette if you’re looking to impress that special someone or spend a cosy and fun night with your partner. A white lace bralette could be the perfect option for your wedding night or honeymoon. If you want a pretty, summer style with added sass, a pink lace bralette is a great choice.

Bralettes are the new, on-trend underwear piece that double up as an outer garment for when you’re feeling fun and a little more risqué.

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