Introducing full cup bras

Full cup bras are those that provide full breast coverage. They are often more simply called a big or full bra and are great for full figures and larger cup sizes. Although traditionally thought of as conservative, they are available with extra plunge and in lace materials, giving those who need full support the option of a sexy, glamorous bra.

What is a full cup bra?

A full cup bra covers the whole breast area, maximising support and comfort. They frequently come with thick straps to help posture and prevent backache.

The term full cup is used to describe how the bra covers and shapes your bust. For this reason, a full coverage bra can come in a range of types and styles, from plunge and moulded to front-fastening and stretch lace. The full cup bra is most popular for those with larger bra sizes, typically size D and above. But this doesn’t mean those with a smaller bust have to stay away, just that you may be more suited to a different bra type.

What are the benefits of a full cup bra?

The main benefit of a full figure bra is the support it gives. They are the best solution for not only larger body shapes but also for petite frames with above average cup sizes.

Full cup bras come in a range of styles which means there’s an option for every situation. The most popular option is using a full cup bra for the every-day, great for wearing to work under a shirt or for any errands you need to tick off your to-do list. With options for plunge full cup and full coverage push-up bras, they can also be great for those weekend evenings where you fancy a night on the town.

Because of the support and comfort they provide, and their range of styles, there really is no situation where a full bra is unsuitable. For those who lead busy lifestyles and haven’t the time for matching your bra to your every move, a full cup bra is your best option, especially for those requiring a little extra assistance with their bust.

What are the best styles of full cup bra?

Big bras are now regularly available in a whole host of materials and styles. So, whether you want to feel sexy, prefer a pretty and cute aesthetic, or just want to be comfortable, you will be able to find a full cup bra that suits your taste.

A full cup lace bra can give you a sultry aesthetic while keeping your bust shapely and firm. There are plenty of full cup bra designs that pair the support of a big bra with the allure and temptation of fancy lace. This is great for both personal body-positivity and making an impression on that special someone.

If you fancy a bra that’s cute yet comfy, embroidered and patterned full cup bras are a great choice. From floral designs to jazzy prints, full cup bras don’t have to be run of the mill, providing those who are full figured with as many options as those with a smaller bust. There are also plenty of nude and one colour bras that work great for day to day or for pairing with an evening dress of a similar colour.

What are the different types of full cup bra?

As mentioned, the term ‘full cup’ relates to the coverage a big bra gives, rather than the design.

Therefore, they come in a variety of types. Those who require larger cup sizes often have extra needs and this is where the different types of full cup bra can really help.

  • Full Cup Bra with Side Support - Larger busts can often need extra support from their bra and a full cup bra with side support gives you a more wholesome level than a standard full cup bra. If your chest is side-heavy or not perfectly symmetrical, they use side panels to ensure you get the shape and forward projection you need. A full cup bra with side support can do wonders for your body shape, giving you a sleek, enhanced figure.
  • Non-Wired Full Bras - Contrary to popular belief, those who need larger cup sizes don’t have to stick solely to wired bras. An unwired full bra can still provide the lift and support you need, but with more of a focus on comfort, they can be a great option for days where style isn’t your key concern.
  • Non-Padded Big Bras - Non-padded bras have similar benefits to an unwired bra. They generally come without moulded cups, are made from cotton, and provide maximum comfort and a smooth appearance.

Full cup bras can come in more niche and specific types, so it’s worth looking around and considering your options before making a decision. Whether it’s a plunge bra for a night out, a stretch-band bra for comfort, or a fully supportive plus size bra, there will be a full cup bra type that’s perfect for your needs.

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