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Introducing mastectomy bras

For those who have had breast surgery, it’s important they feel back to their usual selves as quickly as possible.

Mastectomy bras are designed for this purpose, offering the right levels of comfort for a healthy healing process. As the style of a bra is just as important as how it feels, post mastectomy bras are designed to ensure you can still achieve the confidence and luxury you are used to.

What are mastectomy bras?

A mastectomy bra, also known as a surgical bra, post-surgery bra or prosthetic bra, is for those who have recently gone through a mastectomy or any operation that has altered the shape of one or both of their breasts. Post surgery bras have pockets in either one or both cups which can hold a prosthetic breast, creating an even, rounded appearance. They can help you through all phases of your recovery and are great to continue with once you have properly healed.

A post surgery bra can also be great for those who haven’t had an operation but have naturally uneven boobs or struggle when it comes to finding a comfortable fit.

How does a mastectomy bra work?

The pouches which sit in either one or both cups are designed specifically to ensure your breasts regain a natural, smooth look. There’s no need for stuffing your bra as it comes ready to hold a prosthetic implant and return your bust to its previous appearance. A mastectomy bra with pockets in both cups is called a bilateral mastectomy bra and works for those who’ve had either the whole or just some of their breast tissue removed. The pockets are always discreet, designed with your privacy in mind.

What do mastectomy bras look like?

A post-op bra doesn’t have to be solely functional.

You can still focus on the aesthetic quality of the bra as much as the comfort and support it gives. After any operation, it’s important to recognise that physical scars are not your only concern. Psychological scars are unfortunately common, and it is, therefore, important to make sure your new mastectomy bra is one that gives you the confidence and aesthetic pleasure you deserve. That’s why they come in a range of colours and styles, serving options for different occasions and outfits.

What are the benefits of a mastectomy bra?

After any operation, skin and scar tissue needs time to heal.

Your underwear can have a big impact on the healing process which is why post surgery bras are made from super soft materials such as cotton and with a focus on all day comfort. They are specifically tailored to ensure you receive the level of comfort necessary for you to heal properly. Here are just some of the specific design considerations that make a mastectomy bra versatile enough to ensure your healing process is as stress-free as possible.

  • Adjustable straps - A prosthetic bra with a fully adjustable strap gives you greater control over the fit and comfort level of your bra. This can help when you want your bra for a range of occasions, giving you the freedom to adjust the amount of lift and push your bra provides.

  • Plush pocket materials - The pouches within the cups are made from soft, plush materials ensuring that the area of your breast which is most in need stays irritation free.

  • Wide underbands - Mastectomy bras with wide underbands ensure that your breast form stays securely in place. They work well for reducing any back pain that may have resulted from the change in your breast shape.

There are also other design features to give you the right solution to all your post need, ranging from gentle underwiring to variable fastening options. Many mastectomy bras come designed with supportive panelling and seams that can also hide scar tissue.