Maternity lingerie is specially designed to support and provide comfort for expectant and new mothers. During pregnancy your body goes through so many changes which can leave you with underwear that pinches, rolls down or digs in to your skin. Maternity bras and knickers are constructed with those struggles in mind and will have you covered from bump to baby. We also have a selection of nursing bras which are perfect for mums who are breastfeeding.

What are the different types of maternity underwear?

Just like maternity clothing, switching to maternity underwear is one of the best ways to stay comfortable while pregnant.

  • Maternity bras support your chest, back, neck and shoulders while remaining soft and comfortable. Pregnancy bras offer full coverage of the chest and are easily adjustable to ensure they don’t dig in throughout the day.
  • Nursing bras are useful for when the baby is born. These have a drop cup mechanism which allows you to unhook the top of the cup to provide access for your baby to feed. Like maternity bras, they are made from soft fabrics without underwires to ensure support without discomfort.
  • Maternity knickers are designed to sit under your bump while not rolling down or drooping. They provide coverage for your bum and hips without pinching your sides.

What are the benefits of a maternity bra?

During pregnancy, expectant mums can fluctuate between cup sizes due to hormonal and physical changes in the body. The best maternity bra will support you during this time due to its composition.

  • Adjustable – maternity bras usually have four hook positions rather than three, so you can change them throughout the day or months depending on your needs.
  • Supportive shape – the straps, cups and band are all made from supportive fabrics that add structure to the bra. The straps hold your bust up while the band sits underneath to keep them sitting comfortably.
  • Cool fabrics – while regular lingerie is often made from synthetic fabrics, maternity bras are mostly made from natural cotton which helps the skin to breathe and wicks away moisture. This regulates your temperature both day and night, keeping you feeling fresh throughout the day.

How do nursing bras work?

Nursing bras look and feel like a regular bra but have a mechanism which allows you to drop either of the cups, depending on which way you want to feed your baby. These bras sit nicely under your clothes and look just like a T-shirt bra but without any uncomfortable underwires. Nursing bras can also hold breast pads to ensure you stay dry throughout the day and night.

Other styles of nursing bra have crossover fabric at the front like a soft crop top. These can be easily pulled to one side during nursing and put back in place afterwards. It’s best to try both styles when the baby is born to find out which is the best nursing bra style for you.

Which maternity lingerie brands are available?

At Lingerie Outlet Store we have a fantastic range of maternity underwear from some of the market’s biggest brands.

  • Emily B specialises in maternity lingerie and we have some of the most stunning maternity and nursing bras from this brand. They are both feminine and functional, ensuring a comfortable experience during and after your pregnancy.
  • Freya is another fabulous brand which provides maternity bras especially for those with a fuller bust. Considering expectant mums usually go up at least a couple of cup sizes during pregnancy, you may find yourself needing their help regardless of your size before pregnancy!

Other brands in this range include Panache, Naturana and Heidi Klum.

All our maternity lingerie comes with free delivery and we offer a 30-day guarantee on our products. Give us a call today if you have any questions by calling 01793 487100.