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Non-wired bras

The non-wired bra has evolved and is slowly but surely becoming a staple piece of all underwear drawers.

Despite being typically associated with those with smaller busts, wire free bras are now available for all cup and chest sizes. With a range of supporting features, a wire-free bra can provide you with a comfy and gentle alternative to a wired bra.

What is a non-wired bra?

As the name suggests, a non-wired bra comes without any underwire. They are often labelled no-wire or wire-free and can offer greater levels of comfort than a wired bra. Despite not having an underwire, non-wired bras are available for a whole host of body shapes and cup sizes.

What are the benefits of a non-wired bra?

First and foremost, a no-wire bra offers you with the ultimate level of comfort. Often made from super soft materials, such as cotton, a non-wired bra can be a real haven for your boobs. Having less structure than other types of bra can provide you with a gentle and irritation free approach to both busy days and nights on the town.

Secondly, wire free bras are often recommended by health experts because they allow your boobs to remain in a more natural position. While going braless is not a lifestyle choice for everybody, choosing a no-wire bra can give you some of the no-bra benefits while still offering good levels of shaping and support.

For more precise health needs, such as during pregnancy or for after breast-surgery, an unwired bra can really help. Soft and stretchable materials are great for any breast tissue that needs time to heal, as well as for any slight size changes during pregnancy. Many mastectomy and post-surgery bras come wire-free, and even if you have a heavy bust, there’ll still be a wire-free bra that will offer the right amount of support.

Does a non-wired bra offer support?

The term non-wired can be applied to a range of different bra types.

There are wire-free options for full cup, minimiser and balcony bras as well as many others. By using seams around the cup, wide underbands, and a range of different strap types, there are plenty of options for supportive wire-free bras. Generally speaking, wired bras do offer greater levels of support than non-wired. However, with new advances in their design, you can still get the support you need alongside the comfort of a no-wire bra.

Who can wear a non-wired bra?

The beauty of a non-wired bra is that they’re made for any size, shape, and occasion.

In previous generations, non-wired bras were a luxury, available only for those with a smaller bust. Now, even those with larger boobs can reap the benefits of wire-free bras. With new technologies and advances in bra design, there are virtually no body shapes and cup sizes unsuited to a non-wired bra. For those with petite frames and small cup sizes, non-wired bras can come with padding to help create cleavage and uplift. Smaller breasts don’t need as much support given for large cup sizes, and therefore non-wired bras can be a real game-changer for smaller women. They provide you with all the support you need while remaining comfortable in all occasions.

Women with larger cup sizes often believe that a non-wired bra won’t be able to offer the support they need. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Non-wired bras now come with a range of features that are designed with the larger lady in mind. With seaming on the cup to help reduce bounce and movement, they can be great for wearing under a shirt to work or for any day to day errands. There’s also the option for supporting panels and adjustable straps.

Does a wire-free bra cause sagging?

The most recent studies into bra types are indicating that wiring, or a lack of, has very little impact on sagging. What’s most important is having a bra that is sized correctly. A properly sized wire free bra will be better for you than a wired bra at the wrong size. What’s more, some studies are now showing that the freedom and better circulation offered by a no wire bra can help keep supporting breast tissue tight and firm. Be sure to check out our guide on finding the right size bra to ensure you are getting the perfect fit.

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