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If your current bras don’t provide the kind of lift and push you require or you want a more well-rounded and smooth aesthetic, a padded bra could be the answer. Coming in a range of designs, colours and materials, there’s a wide range of options, perfect for a bra you’ll use every day or something a bit more specific.

What is a padded bra?

The term padded bra is not specifically related to one of type bra. Instead, it describes only the cup, and can, therefore, come in a wide range of styles, from a padded sports bra or bralette to padded plunge or push up. Whichever padded bra type you choose, it will come with an extra layer within the cup. Depending on your choice, this can be a permanent part of the bra’s design or can be removed when not required.

Why should I wear a padded bra?

A padded bra has a number of benefits, suitable to a whole host of different occasions, outfits, or body needs. The most obvious, and the reason they are most popular, is the enhancement they can give to your bust line. The additional layer of padding within the cup works by adding fullness to your bust. This is great for increasing width, as well as cleavage. So, whether you’re wearing a t-shirt or a dress with a low-cut V-neckline, you’ll be able to feel extra glam with a padded bra.

Another key benefit of a padded bra is shaping. The extra layer of material, which can range from foam to gel, with plenty in between, is great for smoothing out any irregularities and giving your bust a well-rounded, firm look.

For those who aren’t quite comfortable joining the ‘free-the-nipple’ initiative, padded bras are a great solution to the problem of nipple show-through. A padded bra with removable inserts can go that one step further as it will give you the freedom to choose when and where you want to use them.

One of the less commonly known benefits of a padded bra is their use for comfort. Especially for those with sensitive boobs, the padding can take away some of the pressures that come with wearing a bra. That being said, if you are wearing the right size bra, regardless of the type, it should fit comfy and snug. However, if you’re the kind of woman who frequently struggles to find the right bra, or you have easily irritated breast tissue, a padded bra could give you the comfort you need.

Who should wear a padded bra?

There’s really no body shape, cup size, or chest size that is not suitable for a padded bra. It’s more about personal preference. For those who wear smaller cup sizes, a padded bra can be great for any extra lift and push you may desire. Padded bras give those with a smaller frame a more curved and full-figured silhouette.

Women who have a larger bust can often need a bit more in terms of shaping and control. A padded bra will provide you with a more well-rounded aesthetic, holding your boobs more firmly in place.

Whatever your body shape or chest size, there are different types of padded bra that will suit. Between them, they have the answers for a range of style and body needs.

What are the different types of padded bra?

  • Padded Bralette: Cute, simple, and incredibly comfy, a padded bralette can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Increasingly popular, padded bralettes can give those with smaller frames the extra level of lift they want in a fun, laid-back design.
  • Padded Strapless Bra: For outfits where straps are a definite no, a padded strapless bra can give you all the benefits of padding alongside a natural aesthetic.
  • Padded Full Cup Bra: For those with larger boobs or those who just prefer the benefits of full coverage, a padded full cup bra can be a wonderful purchase. With a full padded cup, you get extra support and comfort, and the rounded, smooth appearance that padded bras are famous for.
  • Padded Balconette: If you like the half-cup, lifted aesthetic of the balconette, but want more control over your cleavage, a padded bra will do the job. A padded balcony bra is a real game-changer for situations where you want to make the absolute most of your bust-line.
  • Padded Plunge Bra: For a flattering centre-front shape, a padded plunge bra is a great cleavage bra. Often coming in lace designs, choose a padded plunge bra when you want to feel sexy and have that extra level of confidence for any eventuality.
  • Padded Sports Bra: A padded sports bra gives you all the support of a standard sports bra, with better shaping and less of a chance of nipple show-through. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or just enjoy the feel of a sports bra, you can get the fuller-bust aesthetic by choosing padding too.

Do padded bras come with different levels of padding?

The quick answer? Yes. Padded bras are available with padding that ranges all the way from light to full-padded. So, whether you want some slight enhancement to your bust size or absolute maximum volume, there’ll be a padded bra for you.

Padded bras come in a range of styles and materials, from lace to cotton, from sultry to the more every-day. With a range of advantages by choosing padding, you can be sure to suit a padded bra to almost any occasion. For any further questions on padded bras, give our team a call on 01793 487100.