If you often wear a low-cut top or need a bra that’s perfect for date night, a plunge bra will provide you with the style you need. Quite often called a ‘special occasion bra’, they help to increase cleavage while staying discreet, great for those nights where you want to feel and look your best while being fully supported.

What is a plunge bra?

A plunge bra has cups that sit lower than in other types of bra. They provide support from their low-cut centre, creating a high level of cleavage while keeping you in proportion. Despite being especially great for those with smaller frames who need to maximise their curves, they can also offer those with pear and apple body shapes a quick way of balancing out their appearance. They’re often called deep V or U bra, as a way of describing their low-cut structure.

What does a plunge bra do?

By supporting from the centre, this type of bra can give you a feminine, sexy style, making the most of the top swell of your bust and your cleavage. Many have added padding and push-up to give your boobs an enhanced contour. This makes them perfect for achieving the glamorous look you need, whether that’s just for days where you want extra confidence or more specific occasions like weddings and nights out.

Are they good for large breasts?

Those with larger boobs often have larger hips too and it can be difficult to achieve the body shape you want. With this style of bra, you can balance out your proportion by using push-up or padding, helping you achieve a sexy, curvy aesthetic.

What about small breasts?

Plunge bras are different to a lot of other bras in the way they support the breasts. By offering support from the centre of the bra, they are great for creating cleavage by pushing your boobs together. For those with smaller frames, this can really help you enhance your bust line. To boost your shape to the maximum, choose one with padding or push-up as this will increase the look of your bust by up to two cup sizes!

Plunge Bra Features and Styles:

The fantastic thing about plunge bras is the fact they come in a range of styles and designs. With a variety of materials and supporting features, you can cater your bra to a range of outfits and occasions.

  • Side Support: A plunge bra with side support makes the most of extra panelling and sectioned cups. This gives you ample support while ensuring you get that deep V aesthetic.

  • Lace: For an incredibly luxurious bra, a lace plunge bra is a great choice. Coupling up the allure of lace with low-cut structure, this kind of bra will give you a super-sexy aesthetic for feeling extra confident or impressing that special someone. Teamed with a matching pair of lace knickers, this could be the perfect outfit for an exciting night in.

  • Padding: Worried about losing shape but want the look and feel of a deep plunge bra? Go for one with padding to enhance your bust-line and cleavage, achieving an impressive V line. This is the perfect bra for giving you that sexy, hourglass shape, especially for those with smaller busts.

  • Removable or Adjustable Straps: For those who need a bit more in the way of versatility, a low plunge bra with adjustable or removable straps can you give the flexibility needed for a range of occasions, all within the one bra. These are ideal for strapless or a-symmetrical dresses, as the straps can be altered according to your neckline.

  • Push Up: Similar to a plunge bra with padding, a push up plunge can give you a great level of uplift and push.

  • Backless: If you’re planning on wearing an off-the-neck or sheer gown or even just a backless top, a backless plunge can give you the shape and push you require while remaining discreet. Great for evening wear, they’re a staple piece of any underwear drawer – a perfect wardrobe piece for any last-minute event.

A deep plunge bra has all the features you need to make sure you are feeling your most beautiful, glamorous self, whether that’s for a special occasion or just because you fancy looking and feeling great. For any more information on our collection, call our team on 01793 487100.