A push-up bra is not just for those with smaller cup sizes. They’re an all-size, all-body-shape answer to getting lift and support. With varying levels of push, there are options for light, every-day push up bras right through to dramatic and ultra-sexy for more special occasions.

What is a push up bra?

As the name suggests, a push up bra provides you with an extra level of lift for your bust line. They use varying levels of padding to create an enhanced look that goes from light and natural right up to maximum volume.

What are the benefits of a push up bra?

It’s a common misconception that a push-up bra creates a more deliberate and obvious cleavage. Granted, there are definitely push up bras that will do this. However, there are also plenty that leave you with a more natural cleavage.

Why should you wear a push up bra?

Not always designed to make your cup size look more enhanced, a push up bra can be great for those days where you just want a light approach to extra shape. Push up bras with padding over just the bottom third of the cup give your bust a smooth, firm appearance without being too obvious or daring.

Push up bras where the padding ends halfway down give a moderate, well-shaped lift to your bust. If you want to increase the appearance of your bust but don’t fancy anything too extravagant, this kind of push up bra will give you the look of an extra cup size, without going overboard on cleavage.

For all women, there are days and nights where you want to feel on top of the world. A push up bra with the maximum amount of padding can enhance your cleavage to its best extent and give you a sexy, sultry aesthetic.

For women who don’t want an enhanced bust line, a push up bra can still be of benefit. By lifting your boobs, the bra can have a huge impact on the rest of your figure. If you have an apple or pear body shape, the lift a push-up bra gives can make your waist feel smaller, therefore, enhancing your curves. If you opt for one with light padding, you’ll get the shape and well-rounded styling without your bust line appearing bigger than normal.

Who should wear a push up bra?

There’s not really any cup, chest, or body size that shouldn’t consider a push-up bra. They’re an extremely popular choice for women with a whole range of body shapes. What’s most important, as with any bra, is making sure you have the right size. But there are also some other considerations that you should take into account.

For those with slimmer frames and smaller chest or cup sizes, a push-up with a higher level of padding can give you the enhanced look you may want. If you often wish your boobs where that little bit bigger, these bras can do wonders. The highest levels of padding can increase the look of your bust by up to two cup sizes. If you don’t fancy going to the extreme, even the more moderate push-ups can create the look of an extra cup size without being too over-bearing.

For those with already large breasts, a push-up bra can help by making your bust appear more full or wide. A lightly padded push up bra will give you the right amount of lift without increasing the appearance of your cup size. In fact, often that same lift can make your chest size seem smaller as it will accentuate your waist and hips, giving you a more proportioned aesthetic.

What are the different types of push up bra?

There's a whole variety of push-up bras, coming in a range of styles, colours and materials. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Strapless Push Up Bra: When the occasion requires a backless gown or top, you’ll need a bra that sits completely below your garment. A strapless push up is most discreet, while still giving you the extra lift and push you need for nights where you want to feel super glamorous and make an impression. You can even go one step further and opt for a backless push up bra which will give the impression of no bra, with all the benefits of push up.
  • Extreme Push Up Bra: Also known as a super push up bra, these are the bras that will give you maximum lift and cleavage. For those with smaller breasts, they make the most of your chest and cup size by accentuating your curves and the top swell of your bust-line.
  • Plunge Push Up Bra: A plunge push up bra is great for giving you an enhanced look when wearing a low-cut top or an elegant dress. Keeping the deep V-line plunges are famous for, but offering the lift of a push-up, this type of push-up bra is a staple for any underwear drawer.

While the most popular of push up bras are catered towards more specific and special occasions, don’t discount push-up for the every-day option. Lighter padded push-ups can give your bust a nice shape under t-shirts and more general outfits, without appearing too obvious or extreme.

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