Despite their not-so-glamorous 1970’s inception – the sewing together of two jockstraps – sports bras have come a long way. Now available in a range of styles and colours, and with options for extra support, there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider a sports bra, whether for exercise or as a replacement for a traditional bra.

What is a sports bra?

Generally speaking, there are two types of sports bra. There are those which compress the breasts towards the chest, similar to a crop top or those that hold your boobs the same as a normal bra. All types of sports bra offer high levels of support and are designed to minimise movement, even when undertaking strenuous or high-energy activities.

What does a sports bra do?

It’s impossible to stop your breasts from moving during exercise. However, you can limit the amount with a sports bra. Exercising with no bra, or even with a traditional bra, can damage your breast tissue and cause back pain. Therefore, a sports bra is an important purchase for those who enjoy playing sports.

A traditional bra will restrict some movement but nowhere near enough to prevent the kind of damage most exercise can cause. Fortunately, sports bras are here to save the day. By wearing a sports bra, you reduce breast movement by over 50% compared to no bra, and by around 20% to a standard bra. This has a massive impact on how firm and shaped your breasts remain. So, a sports bra is worth considering, especially for those who exercise regularly.

Who should wear a sports bra?

Sports bra are becoming increasingly popular for women of all shapes and sizes. It’s often thought that a sports bra is unsuitable for women with larger chest and cup sizes because they may not be able to provide the support they need. This is the opposite of what is true! Many sports bras, especially those with full cups installed as part of their design, are designed with a larger bust in mind. They provide a range of options for extra support, such as wide underbands, underwires, and multiway J hooks.

This doesn’t mean you should stay away from a sports bra if you have smaller breasts. There are also plenty of sports bras perfect for those with a more petite frame. There are wireless, soft cup designs, which can give the support you need and help you stay comfy at the same time. Or, there are plenty of crop-top inspired sports bras which use wide shoulder straps and racerbacks, great for exercise or wearing beneath a t-shirt.

Regardless of cup or chest size, every woman has ligaments surrounding her breasts which are sensitive to movement. Any damage to these is irreversible and can, in the worst cases, cause unnatural droop or sagging. Fortunately, sports bra come in a range of styles and designs, so whatever your taste or needs, there’s no reason you can’t keep your breasts in shape as well as your body.

Are sports bras only for exercise?

As the name suggests, a sports bra is designed to help with exercise, yet, some women have started to replace their regular bras with sports bras for the added benefits they provide. That savvy bunch realised that with all the benefits a sports bra brings there’s no reason they can’t replace more traditional bras.

A big part of keeping your boobs comfortable is temperature. And while there are many traditional bras that make the most of breathable materials designed to maximise airflow, there’s no better option than a sports bra. Made from materials that reduce sweat and heat, they’re a great option for those with larger cup sizes who struggle staying cool.

All sports bras are made to keep your breasts as irritation-free as possible. They are made from super soft materials and give good support, great for when you prefer comfort over style.

Choose a sports bra that comes with complete or partial cups and not only will you stay cool, but you’ll stay comfortable. Full cup sports bras are great for those with larger breasts, whereas partial cups work well for those who have a smaller cup or chest size. Choosing the right style of cup will help hold your boobs in place, while the material will help with compression and restricting movement.

A crop-top styled sports bra may be a good replacement for a traditional bra if you struggle with comfort day-to-day. Super soft materials and good support make a sports bra great alternative for when you don't need your bra to be overly stylish.

Can a sports bra be stylish?

With their rise in popularity, especially for wearing as outerwear in the ‘sport luxe’ trend, sports bras have had to adapt to the times. Black and red sports bras are most popular for those who are keen on exercise, but plenty of women choose a pink or white sports bra to suit many situations. So, if you’re planning on a lunch-date with the girls before hitting the gym, a white sports bra can be a cute alternative to frequent outfit changes. Or, if you’re out for a fun day at the beach, a white sports bra can keep you cool, give you support, and is even suitable for any tempting beer gardens on the way home.

Whatever your size and whatever your interests, a sports bra can be a real strong addition to any underwear drawer. With a range of health and comfort benefits and a selection of styles and colours, a sports bra can be a real game-changer.

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