If you’re wearing a backless dress or a top without straps, a strapless bra is a must-have to ensure you remain looking chic. In contrast to their less functional beginnings, strapless bras have come a long way, even for those with a larger cup or chest size. So, if you’ve found the perfect dress for a friend’s summer wedding or have a cute tube top sitting in your drawer with the tags still on, you really must consider a strapless bra.

How does a strapless bra work?

A strapless bra, like all bras, gets its support from the band. In traditional bras, the straps are used to keep the bra flush against your bust, not, as most think, for lift or support. With stronger bands, strapless bras are now ready to give you the support you need and keep your bra in the right position all day and night. The advances that have been made, specifically with the bra's band, means there’s no need to worry about a strapless bra falling down or having to readjust throughout the day. What’s more, if you think you’ll only occasionally need to go strapless, you can opt for a multi-way bra which gives you the best of both worlds.

A multi-way bra makes the most of removable straps, providing you with flexibility for pairing your bra to a variety of outfits. With small hooks that make it easy to remove or reattach the straps with ease, a multi-way bra doubles up as both a strapless bra and one with straps. You can often attach the straps in different ways, creating either a halter neck or crossover style, depending on the needs of your outfit.

Will a strapless bra support a larger bust?

In the past, strapless bras for those with larger cup or chest sizes were often unreliable. Now, the bands have been improved to ensure that no mishaps take place, regardless of your size. Fully supportive strapless bras use slip-free technology, providing an accident-free approach to the day for a whole host of bra sizes right up to 36F.

If you’re still not convinced or are blessed with boobs that need more support, consider choosing a longline strapless bra. These are great for those with large busts as their longline design maximises support and lift, giving you the confidence to go the day strapless and secure. A longline strapless bra gets it high levels of support, and constricts breast movement, by holding snug to your body from the waist up to the bust.

How does a strapless bra fit?

For all chest and cup sizes, both large and small, you need to be sure you’re choosing the right size of strapless bra. Don’t overdo it by choosing too small a bra, thinking this will give you more security. All this will do is make the bra look for the part of your frame that best matches its own size while digging in. The most important feature to consider is the band. The band should be ever so slightly tighter than you would expect from a traditional bra. This extra grip is what holds up your bust while staying strapless.

Another consideration that’s worth making is what kind of close will suit you best. A side-fastening close can be great for cup sizes up from A-D. They often come with an underwire too, so if you’re at the larger end of that scale, you can be sure your bust will be held in place without issue.

A strapless bra with a silicone gripper has a silicone coating at the back of the bra. This gives you the right level of grip for any strapless dress and can often come with padding and underwire to give you extra levels of shape and support.

Many strapless bras come with slip free technology, great for offering those with larger busts a stress-free answer for a bra that needs to stay discreet. We understand that for some women, it can be a real challenge to take the leap to strapless. If this is the case, maybe start building your confidence by first choosing a longline strapless bra or strapless corset.

What styles of strapless are most popular?

  • Strapless Bralette: Increasingly popular and endorsed by a whole host of celebs, the strapless bralette can be both cute and classy. They’re often worn as both bra and outerwear in one or can work beneath a strapless top or dress.
  • Black or White Strapless Bras: These little numbers are real all-round players and can give you the option you need for a variety of strapless and backless tops. A white strapless bra is perfect for pairing with a light summer dress or tube top, while a black strapless bra can work wonders beneath a classy evening gown. Suitable for a range of events and outfits, a black or white strapless bra will be a great staple to add to your underwear drawer.
  • Strapless Push Up Bra: Giving you the shape, cleavage and support you need while remaining discreet and classy, a strapless push-up bra can give you that extra zip of confidence you need for occasions where you want to feel your best.
  • Low Back Strapless Bra: With a dress or top that’s low-cut at the back, you’ll need a bra that stays hidden and keeps you looking well put together. A low back strapless bra stays hidden while still giving you the support and lift you need.

So, regardless of your shape or size, a strapless bra can be a great option for when your outfit needs a more discreet bra. Now with options for extra support and lift, there’s really no reason a strapless bra, whether that’s both backless and strapless or a more longline strapless design. For any questions on our range of strapless or multiway bras, call one of our team on 01793 487100.