Planning a wedding is a complicated process. There are so many things that need organising, from the venue to the guest list. Fortunately, finding the perfect bridal bra doesn’t need to be difficult, but there are some considerations you need to make.

How to choose the right bridal bra

The good news is that choosing the right wedding bra is not too different from choosing a bra for any special occasion. What’s most important are the requirements of your dress and body shape. Once you have decided on the perfect dress, you need to purchase your bridal bra quickly as your seamstress will need you to take it to your first fitting.

Our best advice is to make sure you ask about bridal underwear and lingerie when purchasing your dress. Staff in the boutique or wedding dress shop will know the perfect bra for pairing with your dress. You need to consider the shape, fit, and material of your dress as you don’t want your bridal bra to show through. Most soon-to-be brides don’t realise that comfort, not style, is key to the perfect bridal bra. Throughout the day you need something that’s going to let you move properly while staying irritation-free and invisible beneath your dress. And you don’t want to be fussing with straps or pulling your bra up to readjust. If you need to, you can change later in the evening to more sensual, sexy lingerie.

What are the different styles of bridal bra?

  • Strapless & Multiway Bridal Bras: A hugely popular bridal bra for its versatility, a strapless or multiway bra can be the answer to outfit changes throughout the day. If you’re planning on swapping your wedding dress for something lighter after the ceremony, a multiway bra that has removable straps can give you the flexibility you need. With options for push-up or padding, strapless bras can do it all, without appearing from beneath your dress. Don’t worry about your strapless bra falling down or needing readjusting; they now come with many features that ensure even those with a larger bust can be strapless and secure at the same time.
  • Strapless Bridal Basque: If you’re choosing a dress that’s tight around the middle, you may want to control your body-shape a little more than usual. A strapless bridal basque will remain discreet, provide lift and push for your bust and cleavage, and help hold in your tummy and sides. With moulded cups and underwire, a basque will give you excellent uplift, ensuring your boobs are the last thing on your mind as you walk the aisle.
  • Plunge Bridal Bra: If your dress has a deep V-neckline or you just want to make the most of your cleavage, opt for a plunge bridal bra. By offering a push towards the centre, rather than upwards, a plunge bridal bra is perfect for a dress in which you to maximise cleavage.
  • Bridal Bandeau Bra: A bridal bandeau is a kind of strapless slip-on bra. Made from elasticated fabric, it has an upper and lower band which hugs close to your body. This gives you the support your bust needs in a strapless, fabric design. Perfect for those needing ultimate comfort throughout the day.
  • Bridal Teddy: A bridal teddy covers the torso and crotch in an all-in-one design. Similar to a bodysuit or basque, a bridal teddy will give you greater control over your body shape. They’re usually non-wired, ensuring they stay discreet beneath your dress. Made from super soft materials, they’ll provide you with both the comfort and support you need beneath your dress.

For smaller cup sizes and petite frames, one of the most popular options is a strapless bridal bra with push-up. The extra padding ensures your bust line has an enhanced and well-rounded shape beneath your dress.

For larger chest and cup sizes, a fuller bust strapless or multiway bra can give you the support and uplift you need in a beautiful, sensuous design. Often coming with moulded cups and underwiring, a fuller bust strapless bridal bra will give you the perfect shape.

When choosing a bridal bra, make sure to consider the material of your dress, as you don’t want any show-through. Talk to one of our team today if you have any questions about bridal bras. Call us on 01793 487100