Hosiery & Suspenders

Stockings and suspenders are a super sexy edition to your underwear drawer. Often worn as lingerie, suspender sets are the epitome of class and create that 1950s pin up look, cinching in your waist and hugging your hips. They are the perfect accompaniment to hosiery items such as stockings as they are designed to clip to the top to hold them up. Wear under skirts or dresses to keep your stockings in place and boost your confidence or surprise your significant other with a romantic night in.

What are the different types of hosiery?

Hosiery generally means garments worn directly on the feet or legs. However, women’s hosiery can be just as pretty as it is functional.

  • Bulletpoint Tights cover the feet, whole leg, bum, and tummy coming up to the waist. They are worn under skirts and dresses for some extra coverage on the legs, whether that be for warmth or for aesthetics. Some tights have control panels built-in at the top to suck in the tummy. Tights range from sheer nude to opaque, depending on the look you want to achieve.

  • Bulletpoint Backseam tights are the same shape as regular tights but have a seam running up the back. This adds subtle but seductive detail to the tights and makes them the perfect accompaniment to a lingerie set.

  • Bulletpoint Stockings are made from the same sheer material as tights and come above the knee, stopping midway up the thigh. They usually have lace or mesh detail at the top and can be held up by suspenders.

  • Bulletpoint Hold ups are very similar to regular stockings but have a small elastic or silicone band around the top on the inside. They are designed to stay up without the need for suspenders, creating the same desirable aesthetic.

Hosiery & Suspenders

What are suspenders used for?

Traditionally, suspenders were worn in as completely functional a way as any other item of underwear. They combine a belt with straps hanging down that clip to the top of stockings to hold them up. However, nowadays they are more likely to be worn as sexy lingerie in the bedroom, needing to serve more style than substance.

Suspenders have a thick belt usually made from lace or mesh. These can have boning in, pulling in your tummy, and giving you a more defined, slimmer waist. Even suspender sets without boning that come up to the waist give the appearance of a more trim, hourglass figure. If you’re shy of your tummy and hip area but still want to flaunt your figure in some daring lingerie, a suspender belt might be the perfect addition to your bra and knicker set.

What fabrics are suspenders available in?

Suspenders, like most lingerie, have to be wearable, movable, and comfortable while looking sensual.

  • Bulletpoint Lace is one of the most common fabrics used in suspenders. It comes in many different designs and colours, offering just a glimpse of skin. While it’s delicate, lace combined with other fabrics can be kept looking new for a long time. It adds a touch of femininity and class to any suspender belt.

  • Bulletpoint Satin and silk are luxurious fabrics that feel beautiful on the skin. As silk is a natural fabric, it is also extremely hygienic and cooling. They add a vintage vibe to your lingerie and look stunning paired with glossy stockings.

  • Bulletpoint Mesh is one of the most useful fabrics for sculpting your figure and is often used in shapewear. Opt for a mesh suspender belt if you really want to give yourself that nipped-in waist and skim your hips and tummy.

  • Bulletpoint Faux leather is one fabric to really get pulses racing. Bring out your hidden minx with a suspender set that has faux leather details.

Should you choose black or white suspenders?

While black suspender sets are always a safe bet for any lingerie set, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and choose a bright coloured suspender belt with matching suspenders. Daring red suspenders are eye-catching and will get your significant other hot under the collar while making you feel sassy and confident. Or choose a beautiful white suspender belt for your wedding night. And remember, white suspender sets aren’t only for weddings – they’re a great way of changing things up a little by not always wearing the classic black suspender look.

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