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It can be time-consuming to attach your suspenders to a garter belt, taking up those most valuable of morning minutes. We all hate having to rush around, so anything that can streamline getting ready is worth considering. Enter, hold ups – the little sister of suspenders, but by no means less able.

What are hold up stockings?

Hold-ups, as the name suggests, stay in place without the need for connecting to any other piece of underwear, like a garter belt or corset. They’re also known as thigh-high or stay-up stockings and are held near the top of the thigh by bands backed with silicone. This creates a small level of friction, and when coupled with the stretch properties of the materials, ensures that stay-up stockings do what they say on the tin.

How do lace hold ups differ from suspenders?

Suspenders are held in place by hooks that fall from either a garter belt, bustier or corset. Despite being incredibly popular, a lot of women wished for an easier way of achieving the super sexy aesthetic and comfortable feel of suspenders, without spending time connecting them to other pieces of underwear. And so, in the late sixties, after advances in Nylon and Lycra manufacturing, hold-ups came to the market, bringing with them a whole host of benefits as-before-unseen.

What are the benefits of hold up stockings?

Comfort – As they don’t need to attach to other underwear pieces, like a garter belt, hold up stockings can give you all the aesthetic of suspenders without the need for extra underwear. This has a number of benefits, but most importantly helps keep you cool. For more freedom and ease-of-use, hold-ups will stay cool and comfortable, without losing that glamorous appearance.

Style – Hold-ups and suspenders have always been most popular due to their super-sexy aesthetic. Hold-ups are one of the more practical alternatives to already-existing underwear that literally doesn’t have to sacrifice anything. With hold up stockings, you get all the benefits and beauty of suspenders with added convenience. It’s worth saving your suspenders and garter belt for a special occasion and going hold-up for either everyday use or for wearing beneath outfits that don’t suit a suspender belt. What’s more, they’re great for wearing beneath any special occasion outfits. If you’re planning on a fun night with your partner, hold-ups will keep you comfortable, yet be super eye-catching later in the evening.

Shaping – Hold ups are made with elasticated materials like nylon and lycra and are therefore great for shaping the leg. The stretch properties of these materials can give added contour to your legs, holding them in shape and giving a smooth, appearance. Paired beneath a tight skirt or dress, they enhance your silhouette, ensuring you look and feel your best.

Are hold-ups comfortable?

It’s worth noting that due to the silicone which keeps hold-up stockings in position, some women may not find them most comfortable around the thigh. Although very rare, there are those who have a silicone allergy. If you’re not quite sure, take a spare pair of tights out with in case your hold-ups do become irritating.

That said, for ninety-nine percent of women, hold-ups are super comfortable, smooth and cool. The thin and breathable materials regulate heat, while the elasticated materials adapt to your movement. With hold-ups, you won’t get any bunching or irritating ride-up or falling down, leaving you stress-free for both day and night.

If suspenders are too time-consuming, but tights are too clingy and hot, hold-ups may well become your new best friend. They’re super-stylish and slimline, meaning you get all the allure and luxury of lace without overcrowding your outfit. Hold-ups make for a high-class addition to any underwear drawer. They’re easy to slip on and compete with any other legwear garment when it comes to style and aesthetic. Whether you’re looking for something easy to throw on before work or something to impress a partner, hold up stockings can cater for your every need.

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