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In the 1920’s, shorter skirts made their first appearance in women’s fashion. In a world where long skirts were conservative but bare legs were controversial, stockings provided the perfect coverage. Nowadays, stockings have had a makeover and are worn not only for practical use but also aesthetic pleasure. Those silky, seductive little numbers that do everything from completing a smart, corporate outfit to catching the eye of those we most like to impress.

What are stockings?

Women’s stockings are close-fitting, elasticated legwear pieces that cover the leg from the foot up to the knee or the middle or top of the thigh. They’re most commonly worn under mid-length skirts and provide a stylish, cooler alternative to tights. They’re commonly associated with sexier, burlesque style lingerie outfits. However, they’re also popular as an everyday option with added class.

What are the different types of stockings?

  • Traditional Stockings: Classic stockings are still hugely popular all around the world. They attach to a suspender belt via hooks and straps, perfect for that 1950’s pin-up look, or for extra support throughout the day. Even if you don’t need the extra support of a corset or bustier, traditional stockings attached to a light suspender belt can make you feel super-sexy all day long. So, whether you want an outfit for rocking a new business meeting or something to catch the eye, stockings can do it all.
  • Hold Up Stockings: Hold ups were invented further down the line than your typical stockings and suspenders. They make the most of stretch bands around the thigh that are backed with silicone. The silicone keeps hold-ups in place without the need for straps. They’re just as classy as suspenders, only lacking the fun and extra detail that comes with undoing straps from a suspender or garter belts.

Why should I wear stockings?

For most women who wear stockings, it’s the luxury, allure and suggestion that they like most. They’re great under a range of outfits, from classy evening gowns through to more gothic-inspired looks. Because stockings cling tight to your leg, they’re great for hiding any irregularities or lumps and bumps. So, whether you need the right aesthetic for a high-brow cocktail evening, or you want a more risqué Dita Von Teese inspired look for a night with your partner, stockings will be a great choice. They’ll have you feeling confident, sexy and ready to take on the world.

But as well as the added style stockings can give, there is a range of other, less well-known benefits.

  • Temperature: Stockings are made from breathable, stretch materials. This provides better temperature control than tights which are made from thicker materials. Plus, they stop at the thigh, which helps to keep you even cooler, without having to go bare-legged.
  • Health: The cooler temperature provided by stockings helps to prevent skin from drying out. The tight grip of stockings acts as a barrier leaving your legs with just the right amount natural oils and moisture to stay healthy and hygienic.
  • Warmth: Just because we’ve mentioned staying cool, don’t think stockings aren’t suitable for winter too. The fact they cling to the long makes them great for keeping in heat, just at a more managed and breathable level than tights.
  • Comfort: Because stockings don’t cover right up to the waist like tights, you’re much less likely to experience any chafing. If that’s something you often struggle with, stockings should be your new underwear staple!

What are the best styles of stockings?

  • Nylon Stockings:Most stockings are made from Nylon, which provides breathability as well a slimline silhouette. They’re much cheaper than silk options and can come from sheer to opaque. You can also get Nylon stockings with Lycra to give added shape for a perfect fit.
  • Silk Stockings: Silk stockings are the ultimate in class and luxury. Made from the highest quality material, they provide an unparalleled approach to feeling your most beautiful. For special occasions, they can make you feel like a goddess.
  • Fishnet Stockings: If you’re looking to make an impression, you can’t do much better than a pair of fishnet stockings. They’re known the world over as a super-sexy style and can ramp up the temperature for a fun night in with a loved one.
  • Black Stockings: Black stockings are a real all-rounder. They’re great for under corporate dresses and skirts, as well as providing that more glamorous look for out-of-work occasions.
  • Nude Stockings: All women should have a pair of nude stockings in their underwear drawer. They’re great for wearing with skirts, dresses and shoes that don’t suit tights or darker stockings.

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