Fancy a new pair of knickers?

Whether you’re looking for sexy lingerie or reliable, everyday underwear, ladies’ knickers come in all different shapes and sizes.

The right pair of knickers has to be comfortable, suitable for your outfit and well-fitting. Lingerie Outlet Store stock a fantastic range of knickers to suit all figures in styles that flatter and feel gorgeous. With designs from a variety of brands but with price points to suit any budget, there’s an underwear solution for everyone.

We also offer free delivery across the UK and a 30-day guarantee to ensure you are happy with your new knickers.

What are the different types of knickers?

Women’s knickers come in so many different shapes that it can be difficult to find the perfect ones for you. Here are the knicker styles explained:

  • Briefs are the classic and most recognisable style of knickers. These offer full coverage of the bum and can help you feel protected and comfortable. However, they don’t have to look frumpy like ‘Granny pants’ – there are plenty of gorgeous designs to keep you feeling sexy and secure!
  • Thongs give coverage at the front but have only a thin section of fabric at the back leaving your cheeks bare. These are perfect for wearing under trousers or tight items of clothing as they give minimal VPL.
  • Shorts, like the name suggests, are more of a rectangle ‘short’ shape, hugging the bum and hips without coming all the way around the cheek. The waist band sits just below your hip bones.
  • Brazilian knickers offer more fabric coverage at the back than a thong but less than full briefs for a sexy aesthetic.
  • Tanga briefs have a thin piece of fabric, elastic or ribbon on either side, giving support with minimal fabric.
  • Hipster style knickers are lowline and sit below the hips, for those who like great coverage without the height of classic briefs.
  • High waisted knickers offer the ultimate in support and often have control panels built in. They hug your bum, hips and tummy in, giving you a gorgeous hourglass shape and smaller waist. A firm favourite underneath bodycon dresses or just for sheer daily comfort.

What fabrics are knickers available in?

You’ve chosen your shape, now you just need to choose your fabric!

  • Lace is one of the most popular fabrics for knickers as it’s breathable, sexy and beautiful to look at. Whether you choose full lace knickers or a style with some lace incorporated into the design, it’s sure to add some style to your underwear drawer.
  • Cotton knickers are extremely comfortable and hygienic as the natural fabric wicks away moisture from the body. This is the fabric to choose when going to the gym and will keep you feeling fresh all day.
  • Satin knickers are super sexy and are usually reserved for wearing as lingerie. However, satin underwear can be worn daily to give you that confidence boost and make you feel fabulous.
  • Silk knickers are the ultimate in luxury underwear, made from an expensive fabric that deserves to be seen and not hidden away under clothing. A silk lingerie set can be an ideal gift for a loved one.
  • Microfibre knickers can be worn every day for extreme comfort and longevity. Due to the composition of the material, the fabric tends to keep its shape well and is therefore perfect for No VPL underwear.
  • Mesh is similar to lace but has a sheer look rather than visible gaps. It’s great for day to night as it’s relaxed while still looking sexy.

Knicker styles to suit your needs

As we’ve established, there definitely isn’t a ‘one style suits all’ when it comes to knickers.

Whether you need comfy pants for everyday use that need to go with everything or want to plan an exciting night in with your significant other, lingerie doesn’t have to be boring and simply functional.

Briefs, shorts and hipsters offer enough coverage for everyday use and keep you feeling secure. They are also the best styles for wearing at the gym as they keep you feeling fresh and won’t irritate your skin by rubbing.

Sexier styles like thongs, tanga briefs and Brazilian knickers can get pulses racing, but there’s nothing to say you shouldn’t wear these throughout the day, especially if you have an outfit that needs discreet underwear.

Don’t underestimate the security you can feel from wearing a good pair of high waisted knickers. If you’re particularly conscious of your tummy or hip area, these will pull you in and give you a smoother shape, making your clothes fit more comfortably and giving you the aesthetic you desire.

In terms of design, it’s entirely down to personal preference. At Lingerie Outlet Store, we stock knickers of almost every colour, so you can choose from white, pink, red or black knickers among plenty of others. We have knickers with frills, bows, ribbons, patterns and embroidery to suit your personal style.

Which brands are available?

We stock knickers from some of the biggest brands in the lingerie market. Choose from designers like Bluebella, DKNY, Elle Macpherson, Freya, Gossard, Hanky Panky, Playtex, Pour Moi, Sloggi, Triumph, Ultimo and Wonderbra and more.

If you need any more information regarding knickers, please speak to our helpful sales team on 01793 487100.