The beaches of Rio De Janeiro are a hot-spot for fashion and the best bums around. But if you’re like the rest of us and don’t have a supermodel physique, Brazilian cut underwear can still be a great addition to your underwear drawer. In fact, it can be the best choice. When it comes to their underwear, Brazilian women know how to look and feel great and flaunt their curves. In a country where it’s almost always bikini season, body positivity is mega-important. Therefore, the Brazilian cut can be the perfect confidence-booster regardless of your shape or size.

What are Brazilian knickers?

The term ‘Brazilian’ refers to the type of cut at the back of your underwear. For this reason, there’s a range of different Brazilian knicker types ranging from Brazilian thongs to boyshorts. This variety means there’s a Brazilian cut for all women. The best way to describe the style of cut is halfway between a regular thong and a regular bikini. The underwear sits on top of the widest part of your bum, providing half coverage. This looks great yet keeps everything under control.

The different types of Brazilian Underwear:

There’s a range of Brazilian underwear types, all making the most of that higher-cut at the back, with the front cover you’d expect from more traditional knickers. Here’s a quick guide to some of the most popular:

Brazilian Bikini:

The most traditional of the Brazilian underwear range, the bikini cut has a regular bikini front with the Brazilian coming in to play at the back. Comfy and cute in a sexier, more-skin-on-show style than traditional knickers, Brazilian Bikini styled briefs are both stylish and supportive. They’re often beautiful and feminine, and the support of the half-coverage can give you that added confidence.

Brazilian Boyshorts:

Boyshorts are often thought of as a cheeky and cute style of underwear. But what if they’re not cheeky enough? That’s where the Brazilian cut comes in. The half coverage gives that extra-sexy aesthetic to what’s already a hugely popular underwear style. They’re great if you enjoy the feeling of a wide-cut thong as well as the full-frontal cover of traditional boyshorts.

Brazilian Thong:

Lots of women don’t enjoy the feeling of a traditional thong. With a standard thong, the backpiece is extremely thin and sits between the buttocks. Brazilian thongs are designed with a similarly sexy aesthetic in mind, just with added comfort. The coverage starts wide at the top and decreases as the thong moves down the bum.

What to consider when choosing Brazilian underwear?

When wearing form-fitting, body-hugging outfits, VPL may be an issue with Brazilian underwear. There’s nowhere to hide for the Brazilian cut because it sits on top of the buttocks, rather than beneath like full-coverage, or between the cheeks like a thong. If you’re concerned about VPL because your outfit leaves little to the imagination, consider a Brazilian cut thong. As opposed to the boyshorts or bikini options, the Brazilian thong offers you similar discretion to a traditional thong, but with extra support and coverage around the front and hips.

For outfits that aren’t super-tight or made from thin material, the Brazilian cut is great. It gives you an added glamour and confidence while remaining discreet and helping you look your best. They can work well under jeans and dresses, just be sure to check for the dreaded VPL.

If you’re looking for underwear that gives you a sexy aesthetic without going full suspender and bustier, the Brazilian cut is a great choice. They often come in a range of sultry, lace designs for making you feel your most alluring and luxurious. Or you can choose nylon and elastance combinations with added embroidery. These materials make the most of their stretch properties, meaning you can keep everything looking firm even with minimal coverage.

For stylish, day-to-day underwear that makes you feel great, Brazilian bikinis and boyshorts work great. If you fancy being a little more risqué with a special someone or need underwear that’s going to stay discreet beneath even the tightest of outfits, choose the Brazilian thong.

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