Choosing the right underwear doesn’t need to be a difficult process. There’s a whole range of ladies’ briefs with styles and supporting features to give the feel of a bespoke design. At Lingerie Outlet Store we stock a wide range of briefs from high-end, luxury designs to more basic, everyday options, making a collection of briefs a must-have for any underwear drawer.

What are women’s briefs?

The classic, most recognised of all ladies’ underwear, briefs are the all occasion answer to comfort, style and luxury. Except for the high-waist or Brazilian options, they start beneath the belly button and provide full coverage for both your front and back. They generally curve around the tops of the thighs, and the coverage in the back gives you support, shape, and a little lift.

Can ladies’ briefs be stylish?

Are you one of those who hears the term ‘briefs’ and straight away sees that infamous Bridget Jones scene? If so, you’ll be surprised at how glamorous, cute and sexy briefs can be. And while there’s a place in every drawer for maximum comfort, zero style knickers, there’s no reason to sacrifice style every time. Most women have a range of briefs, giving them the variety they need. But with such a wide selection comes responsibility! How do you go about choosing the best style for you? The first thing to consider is the material:

  • Nylon / Polyamide Briefs: Sometimes referred to by their less common scientific name, Polyamide, Nylon briefs are soft to the touch. First designed as an alternative to silk, they are a cheaper version of the high-quality material. Nylon briefs are generally thin and can reduce the likelihood of VPL. What’s more, they often provide a great deal of stretch, meaning they can change to fit your body shape.
  • Cotton Briefs: The comfiest of all the underwear materials, cotton helps keep you cool all day long. Cotton briefs have breathable properties, wick away moisture, and come in a wide range of styles. They are a great addition to any underwear drawer as every day underwear. Just be aware that any briefs made from a thick cotton will likely show beneath tighter outfits, so it may be worth choosing thinner underwear for pairing with bodycon dresses or skinny-fit jeans.
  • Lace Briefs: If you still want to feel extra feminine and stylish but in the classic brief style, consider a pair made from lace for an extra level of luxury and glamour. If you’re not a total fan of full lace underwear, you may be best suited to briefs made from a different material, but with lace finishes, such as trimming or bows.
  • Micro Fibre Briefs: For super-soft briefs, choose a pair made from a microfibre material. Micro-fibre briefs make the most of their breathable material, giving you unparalleled comfort and moisture control for any occasion.

What are the benefits of ladies’ briefs?

Because ladies' briefs are so popular, most brands have a wide range of styles, materials and colours. At Lingerie Outlet Store we stock from all the best brands, including Elle Macpherson, Fantasie, Charnos, Panache, BestForm, Pour Moi and plenty more. There’s even a wide selection with extra features or more customised designs for helping you control your body shape. Here are just some of the different style ladies’ briefs available:

  • High Waist Briefs: For those who want a little smoothing of the tummy, high waist briefs can provide you with the right support. They go higher than the standard brief and can help streamline your silhouette, great for wearing with tighter outfits.
  • Brazilian Briefs: These feature less back coverage than normal briefs, but more than a thong. They still give you some support for your bum, providing a well-rounded, smooth look in a sexy, half-coverage. So, whether you’re looking to impress a special someone without going full-thong, or just want underwear to feel comfortable and cute at the same time, Brazilian briefs can do the trick.
  • Invisible Briefs: Invisible briefs do exactly what they say and ensure no VPL. Coming with bonded and seamless finishes, they’re a perfect option for getting the look you need in a comfy, stylish design.
  • Low Rise, High Cut Briefs: By wearing briefs that don’t rise high up the waist and have a high-cut above the thigh, you can accentuate your leg-length. Briefs with this design can give your aesthetic an added glamour and make you feel your most beautiful.

Another consideration worth your time is whether you require a matching bra. Plenty of briefs come in a matching underwear set. This is great for when it’s not just you who’ll be seeing what you’re wearing underneath an outfit, but even for when you just want to feel your most confident self.

It’s also important to remember to wear the right size briefs. Choosing a smaller size won’t do your silhouette any favours. Rather the opposite, in fact. Women's’ underwear that’s sized too small increases the likelihood of VPL and emphasises any bumps or lumps.

At Lingerie Outlet Store, we understand that finding the right underwear is crucial for how you feel and look throughout both day and night. That’s why we offer free delivery across the UK and a 30-day guarantee. For more information on any of our ladies’ briefs, call our helpful team today on 01793 487100.