An all-around favourite for a range of occasions and outfits, high leg knickers are a staple part of any underwear drawer. Designed with more than just style in mind, they can give you the shape and control you need in styles that range from sensual and sexy to more every-day and comfortable.

What is high leg underwear?

High leg underwear consists of briefs and knickers that are halfway between shorts and smaller lingerie pieces. They start from below the hips and end at the very top of the thigh. They have narrower sides than classic briefs, giving you a stylish, versatile design with good bum coverage.

What are the benefits of high leg underwear?

High leg underwear has a number of benefits, perfect for wearing in a variety of situations. They provide a subtle yet effective approach to shaping the tummy, waist and bum. Usually made from soft, stretchy material, they’re comfortable while still giving you control for the parts of your body where you need a little more support.

High leg knickers can be a great option for making you feel confident and sexy. You can’t wear your special lingerie every night, and high-cut underwear can give you that glamorous aesthetic while remaining practical. With their high-cut design, they’re one of the best kinds of underwear for giving you a balanced look. The narrow sides, achieved by edging around the top of the thighs, help maximise your leg-length. This makes you look taller and slimmer.

But the benefits for body-shape don’t stop there! In addition to the extra leg length, the higher level of support in the top of the underwear trims and defines the tummy and waist. The full coverage around the back can also make the most out of your bum, giving you a lovely shape and contour.

So, even though high leg knickers are often used as a practical, every-day kind of underwear, they’re also great for giving you the shape you need beneath more glamorous outfits. If you’re planning a night in with a special someone but think your best lingerie may be a little much, high cut knickers are a great substitute, giving you a sexy yet spontaneous aesthetic.

What to consider when you buy high leg underwear?

It’s important to think about what you need your underwear to do on a day-to-day basis. However, choosing high leg underwear can limit the need for too much thought because they do almost everything.

Consider choosing a few pairs of high leg underwear in different materials, as this will help make sure you have the right choice for every single day. Here are just some of the options you have with high-leg knickers:

  • Women with apple body shapes can benefit from the subtle tummy and waist support high cut knickers provide. Generally coming with elastic around the waist, they gently flatten your tummy while remaining comfy and long-lasting.
  • Consider choosing the frills and allure of lace underwear if you want to impress that special someone, but aren’t quite sure whether full, sexy lingerie is expected. Bear in mind it's worth limiting the amount of time you do wear lace as it’s not the best material for letting your body breathe. Despite this, there’s nothing quite like lace for your confidence and making you feel your most feminine self. It could be worth considering sleeping without underwear or changing to cotton knickers before you go to sleep. If you are concerned about temperature control, you can choose high-cut knickers in more breathable materials, with lace embroidery or patterns – the best of both worlds!
  • Cotton high-leg knickers are super comfy and great for your body. The cotton wicks away any moisture built up throughout the day. The high-cut looks elegant and cute, while the coverage around the back and waist helps keep you looking trim. High-leg knickers made from cotton are one of the best underwear types because they’re incredibly comfy, healthy and look great.
  • If you often like to wear jeans and dresses, high leg knickers are a must-have. As mentioned, they give you the support you need to look great under body-hugging jeans or keep you in shape beneath a dress.

When should I not wear high-leg knickers?

High leg knickers are not best suited to outfits made from slinky, thin fabrics, as the lines of the pants can ever so slightly show through. VPL is not something anybody wants, so if you’re wearing an outfit that’s both lightweight and tight around the bum, make sure to do a quick check. You don’t want your high leg knickers doing you any disfavours!

Apart from those outfits where VPL is a real issue, high-leg knickers are a great choice. They’re incredibly popular, varied and versatile and therefore worth having in your drawer. Talk to our helpful team today on 01793 487100 for any further information on any of our lingerie.