Women’s boy shorts take their inspiration from male boxer shorts. They were initially designed to give women the option of the more masculine silhouette of the shorts shape, rather than the v-line of traditional women’s underwear. Over recent years, they’ve started to embrace the feminine and are now most popular because they match up cute and pretty designs with the practicality of their shape.

What do boy shorts do?

Knicker shorts, or boy shorts as they’re commonly known, traditionally come with thick elastic waistbands and reinforced seams. They are close to a standard short design and therefore often extend down the thigh and give full back coverage. They’re super comfy and provide great support for both your waist and bum. However, with their increase in popularity, new designs have popped making them perfect for a range of outfits and occasions. At Lingerie Outlet Store, we have a range of styles, from basic, every-day through to super-sexy, lingerie substitutes.

The most common boyshorts are those with a Brazilian cut, as well as those referred to as ‘girl shorts’ or ‘booty shorts’. Despite the different names, all boyshorts have certain features in common. They all offer full coverage at the front, starting from just beneath the belly button and covering down to at least the top of the thigh. They most often feature wide sides which helps prevent any digging into the skin and are super comfy for lounging around the house.

If you’re keen on fitness and sports, there are cotton knicker shorts designed to keep you comfy and cool for whatever exercise you enjoy.

With their rise in popularity, they’re now even available in sexier, more luxurious styles. They come in a variety of materials which ranges from super soft micro-fibres to alluring lace.

What are the different types of boy shorts?

Boyshorts with Full Back Coverage:

These girls’ boy shorts are great for giving your bum the best kind of shaping and contour. They hold tight yet comfortable to the top of the thighs, meaning they won’t ride up throughout the day. That grip gives the right kind of support for even the fullest of bums. With boyshorts that have full back coverage, you get all the support of men’s briefs in a more feminine and glamorous design. Short briefs are available in a range of materials meaning you can choose a cute floral pattern, alluring lace or a practical, one-tone slim-fit for wearing under tight outfits.

Brazilian Boyshorts:

For those who want something a bit cheekier, whether that’s for feeling great as you lounge around the house, or for making the right kind of hint to that special someone, Brazilian boyshorts can provide a variety of benefits. Compared to standard boy shorts, they show off more of your bum without going as far as a thong. Comfy, cheeky, practical and feminine, they’re truly versatile and ready for any occasion.

Can boy shorts be worn as lingerie?

The quick answer? Yes! There are plenty of ‘after-hours’ styled boy shorts which give you all the comfort and support of normal boyshorts in a sexy, sultry design. With options for sheer, see-through materials, you can really ramp up the heat if that’s what you’re after. They’re great for those who aren’t too confident wearing thongs or those unsure whether a full lingerie set should be on the cards.

What’s wonderful about boyshorts that do have added luxury is they make you feel great even when you’re only wearing them for yourself. There are options for super-feminine lace or floral designs, which can have you feeling girly and glam, even with full back coverage and wide sides. They’re often embroidered with bows and cute, lace trimming to give the added female touch to the typically masculine design.

Are knicker shorts practical?

Sometimes practicality is more important than style. Boy shorts can support all your needs in a simple, no-nonsense design. All knicker shorts start under the belly button, cover the buttocks, and come to the top of thighs. Traditionally sporty, there are plenty of boy-shorts that are perfect as everyday underwear. They don’t have to be cheeky or eye-catching and often come in one-tone, super-soft microfibre styles which give you maximum breathability and support through the day.

At Lingerie Outlet Store, we understand that consistency can be key to making you feel and look great, so consider choosing a pair of boy shorts with a matching bra. For more specific information on our range of knicker shorts, talk to one of our helpful sales advisors on 01793 487100.