Thongs remain a marmite item in the underwear world. You’ll no doubt have heard those who couldn’t live without a drawer full, as well as those who just don’t understand how they can ever be considered a practical option. Thongs are underwear pieces that offer the minimum cover for your rear without going full commando. Widest at the waistline, it narrows into a small strip of fabric which sits between your buttocks, leaving most of your bum exposed. They’re often thought of as the sexiest of the underwear type. However, there’s a whole other range of benefits that thongs provide.

What are the benefits of a thong?

  • No VPL: Obviously, the biggest, single-most benefit of a thong, is their discretion beneath even the most figure-hugging of outfits. Leggings? Bodycon dress? Super-tight evening gown? No problem. With the smallest possible material at the back, a thong is your best bet for ensuring no VPL.
  • Body Positivity: If you’re not the most confident, sometimes it can be best to jump in at the deep-end. Learn to love your bum by choosing a thong and giving your bum the freedom it deserves! Trying on a thong might surprise even the most self-conscious of ladies. We all have days where we lack confidence, but we also all have days where we feel great and having a thong on hand can be just the trick to maximising that positivity.
  • Comfort: This may sound like a strange one for those of you who’ve always hated the feeling of a thong. Yet, plenty of women do actually prefer the way a thong feels when worn. Those who often have trouble with their underwear riding up and turning into a version of a thong anyway, prefer not having to readjust throughout the day. On hot summer days, you want something that’s going to keep you cool, and save going commando; what can be better for that than a thong?

How to choose a comfortable thong

The most common issues women have with thongs is their potential for digging in or becoming itchy. But did you know that you can prevent this? With advances in underwear and fabric technology, you no longer have to choose between all-day-irritation or no-thong. You can have all the benefits of a thong with none of the stress. What’s most important is choosing the thong that’s best for you in the right fabric.

What are the different types of thong?

  • G-String: The skimpiest of the thongs, the G-String has a very thin strip of fabric starting from the top band and running down between your buttocks. They’re perfect for pairing with super tight clothes where VPL is going to be an issue. This type of underwear will also have you feeling your most sexy and is great for helping you learn to love your bum. Like all thongs, g-strings are great when paired with a matching bra and can be a real sultry addition to your underwear drawer. They go great with suspender belts too, so whether it’s the no VPL you’re after or something for a fun night in with your partner, a g-string can be a strong, albeit rather risque player to have on your underwear team.
  • Traditional Thong: The most common and popular of the thong brigade, a traditional thong uses just a little more fabric than a g-string. That added material means the thong won’t sit directly between the top of your buttocks but fade into invisibility a little lower down. If you don’t like the feel of a g-string but need discreet underwear for your outfit, a traditional thong may be more up your street. Again, they’re also a great option for pairing with luxurious stockings and a bustier for a special night.
  • Brazilian Thong: Wider than a traditional thong, Brazilian thongs start between the cheeks but don’t go quite as high. They can give you all the allure and glam of a thong without having to expose your whole bum. For those who want a little more support from their underwear but want to flaunt some too, a Brazilian thong can be a great compromise. You’ll feel most confident knowing that you’re getting support in a super-sexy design.

For those who’ve always been against thongs, or have just never thought them a viable option, it can be a bit of a jump to deciding they’re worth a purchase. If you’re still not quite convinced, talk to our helpful sales team who can provide you with advice more tailored to your personal requirements. Call us on 01793 487100.