Introducing... plus size lingerie

Gone are the days of plus size lingerie being basic and boring.

Nowadays, there is almost as much variety in bigger sizes as there is in the smaller ones. Plus size underwear ranges from everyday comfy briefs and bras to sexy corsets. Whether you’re looking for a day to day lingerie solution or something for a special night in, there’s so much variety to choose from. At Lingerie Outlet Store, we’re proud to cater for plus sized women and all their lingerie needs.

What are the different types of plus size lingerie?

Plus size underwear is available in most of the same styles as regular lingerie. The difference being it is made specifically for curvy figures and bigger busts, providing a better fit.

  • Plus size briefs come in plenty of different styles including shorts, Brazilian, high waist, thong, mini and full briefs. Depending on your outfit needs and comfort level, each knicker style works best for something different.
  • For plus size women, bras can be extremely tricky to choose. Plus size bras are designed especially for ladies with an ample bosom, so you don’t have to worry about straps digging in, sagging or the dreaded ‘four boob’ look. Plus size bras are extremely supportive meaning you won’t end up with a sore neck or back. However, bigger bras don’t have to be drab, with styles in beautiful designs, fabrics and colours.
  • Shapewear is a fantastic asset to your underwear drawer if you are a plus size lady. It works to shape and smooth out your figure, helping you to feel confident and sexy in your clothes while acting as the perfect base layer. Shapewear is great underneath fitted dresses, skirts and trousers as it defines your waist and hips, streamlining your body without any VPL.
  • Basques and corsets can also nip in your waist and create an hourglass silhouette. They can be worn underneath clothing to give you the shape you desire or as sexy lingerie.

What are the features of a plus size bra?

Women with bigger busts often struggle to find a bra that fits and supports them properly. And, in the past, plus sized bras were only available in plain, boring styles.

Nowadays they are stunning and celebrate the curves you have in a sexy and exciting way. Plus size bras usually start from a DD cup and go right up to a KK. There are certain qualities that plus size bras have which make them more suitable for ladies with larger assets.

  • Full coverage – plus size bras give proper coverage to the boobs so that they don’t get squashed in the middle giving the appearance of ‘four boobs’. They are made from comfortable and breathable fabrics, so you won’t get too hot and don’t have to compromise on style.
  • Supportive straps – spaghetti straps can be a plus sized woman’s worst nightmare. Thin straps don’t give enough support to the boobs, meaning they can look saggy or droopy. The thicker straps on plus size bras are designed to pull the breasts up and keep them where they need to be. This can ensure you don’t get back, neck or shoulder pain which often occurs due to ill fitting bras. Thick straps don’t necessarily have to be frumpy. You can get gorgeous designs with cute details such as lace bows, flowers and ribbons.
  • Underwired – not all, but a lot of plus sized bras have underwiring. Underwiring sits beneath the boobs and keeps them raised up so they look perky and full.
  • Thick side panels – there’s no use having supportive straps, cups and underwiring if it won’t all be held together with a proper strap. Side support bras hug your sides and reduce the chance of ‘back fat’, riding up or irritations.

Plus size nursing bras offer the same support to your breasts but make it easier for you to feed your baby with cups that fold down without fuss.

Find out more about bras with our bra fitting guide.

Hassle-free shopping for your plus size lingerie

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