How To Keep Cool During Those Warm Nights

It's safe to say the UK has gone into meltdown, as we've been hit with all time record breaking temperatures in the last few weeks. It's becoming impossible to carry out daily tasks, including working, commuting on public transport, and most importantly SLEEPING!! It may have cooled down a little, but it's always handy to know how to keep cool during those warm summer nights.

Here's a few tip and tricks that you can try out next time you're a little on the sweaty side.

What you wear to sleep plays a massive impact on your body temperature. Some may even say wearing thin cotton will keep you cooler than not wearing anything at all. So a 100% cotton night shirt or shorts will definitely keep you that much cooler. The above are a few examples of what you could wear to avoid feeling hot and bothered when trying to sleep during the heat. Make sure what ever it is, it's loose fitted that barely touches your skin. Avoid tight fitted, thick fabrics which could cause irritation. Sweep your hair back in a loose top knot or loose plait,  to avoid it sticking to your face and neck while sleeping.

Other than what you wear, there are other tips and tricks you can carry out before going to bed that could help. Washing your face with cold water can help you cool down drastically. Allow your face to dry naturally, rather than towel drying it. Having a fan in the room you sleep in also helps with a peaceful nights sleep. Although it may seem like it's blowing out warm air it's better than no at all. A lighter duvet is also ideal rather than your usual heavy winter one. Opt for a lightweight blanket or shawl in the heat, your usual duvet will just feel heavy on your skin resulting in irritation and constant sweating. Also try and flipping your pillow now and again to reach for the cooler side.

Lingerie is of course another element that can affect your body temperature. A lot of women choose not to wear lingerie to bed especially during hot climates. But if you are someone who prefers to wear some form of lingerie, then opt for something comfortable and light on the skin. Just like the examples above, non padded or lightly padded, wire free should be your go to's! Soft lace is also a light and airy fabric. Bralettes tend to be a lot more comfortable as they feel delicate on the skin.


It may have started raining but the humidity is still lingering around us!

Enjoy the hot weather while it lasts, don't let the heat ruin your sleep. Be sure to keep these tips and tricks for your next vacay, there's plenty of solutions so you don't have to suffer!

Written by Sonia Arranch

Journalism graduate working as a Creative Content & Social Media Executive at Lingerie Outlet Store. "CREATIVITY is intelligence having FUN"

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